12 Sites Where You Can Read Erotica for Free

Whether you want to spice things up with your partner or get your own motor running before you turn out the light, reading erotica or erotic literature can be a great way explore new fantasies and stimulate the body’s most powerful sexual organ: the brain!

Want to wet your whistle without committing to a full digital or paperback erotic novel? There are a TON of websites out there offering quality erotic fiction to readers for free.

If you’re looking for a very specific type of erotica a quick Google search will likely point you in the right direction. But, if you’re just starting out and looking for some quality sites to peruse, we’ve pulled together a dozen of the free top-rated erotica and erotic fiction websites to explore – no sign-ups or subscriptions required.


Whether you’re experienced with – or just exploring – the world of BDSM, BDSM Cafe is your online destination for all things BDSM, and for those who enjoy more flavours than simple vanilla. This site is not only a sexy archive for erotic fiction of all lengths and types; it also provides valuable research for those interested in breaking into the lifestyle. In short, you’ll find everything from BDSM fiction, short stories, and poetry to how-to guides and BDSM safety. All of the stories on BDSM Cafe include some elements of bondage, dominance, and/or sado-masochism, and – if you prefer your sensual stories be delivered in a longer format – the website also offers free erotica novels and novellas.


Bellesa isn’t exclusively an erotic fiction site (it also offers videos, films and dating advice) but it’s a beautifully-presented and user-friendly destination that’s ideal for those new to erotica – with plenty of steamy stories to read to get you in the mood. Organised into easy to search categories like kink, masturbation, girl-girl, and non-binary, there's something for everyone. Plus, we love that stories include a time indicator so you know whether something is a 13 or 30-minute read. From short tales to full-length novels, your next night-time read is waiting.


Remember those pick-a-path books you’d read in primary school, where you’d decide whether to escape the castle or vanquish the dragon? Well, CHOYA is like that – but for adults only tales. Aptly named, this ‘choose your own adventure’ erotica site is perfect if you’re looking for something sensual, as well as interactive. There are more than twenty-one THOUSAND interactive sex stories available with 900-thousand chapters, so you’ll have an almost limitless number of happy endings to choose from. Some stories even allow you to customise character names, so you can really out yourself (or your current crush) right into the fantasy.

Erotic Review

Prefer your erotica a little more curated? If you want to avoid having to weed though poorly-written stories (and they’re out there!) Erotic Review Magazine should be your first point of call! With an overarching commitment to “giving sex a good name,” Erotic Review is staffed with an entire editorial team who are dedicated to providing readers with thought-out, well-written erotica through an “intelligent approach to erotica and sexuality”. The site also includes think pieces, reviews, video and more, but their erotic fiction section is not to be missed. At the time of publishing this post, it hasn’t been updated in a while, but there are certainly enough fiction stories in the back catalogue (dating right back to 2011) to keep you entertained! 

Girl on the Net 

Girl on the Net is a London-based sex blogger who writes explicit sex stories, and – unlike many erotica websites where content is user-submitted – this is a personal blog, with some very personal themes! Launched in 2011, Girl on the Net features “real life sex stories, dirty fantasies, and fun rants about gender and sex”, and categories include ‘Boys I’ve Had’, ‘Filthy Ones’, ‘Girls I’ve Had’, and ‘Unsolicited Advice’. There are also guest contributions, audio porn and links to full books available via Amazon. Unlike many personal blogs, it’s updated regularly so you’ll always have new stories to devour.


No matter what kink you might be into, Kinkly is full of erotic stories ready for you to enjoy. The site also includes blog posts and articles about sexual health, relationships and even webinars, but its erotic section (see the dropdown under Topics) is where the site really shines. There are a smaller selection of stories (and excerpts) to choose from, but the quality of the fiction available means Kinkly is a must-read. There are no categories to browse which is a bit of a bummer, but you can read the latest or scroll through all stories – making this site’s offering more of a so more of a lucky dip experience. Go ahead and indulge in your wildest desire through these kinky tales.


Launching more than 25 years ago, Literotica may be the OG place for erotic stories – and no matter what you’re into, you’re sure to find something that suits your reading needs. If you haven’t stumbled across it before, categories range from anal to transgender stories and everything – yes, everything – in between. Users can rate stories to help you choose which tale to read, and there are even epic, multi-chapter stories available if you’re looking for something to really sink your teeth into. Like many other user-generated erotic sites, Literotica includes works from novices, which isn’t a bad thing – but can mean it takes a little more time to weed through and find a style of writing you enjoy. There are also audio stories and poetry for those who’d rather lie back and listen.

Lush Stories

Lush Stories is self-described as a steamy combination of social media and erotica sites. You can read through their extremely wide range of stories, and then (if you’re in the mood) head over to the chat section to talk to people who are also into erotica. Some of the more outlandish genres include steampunk, facesitting and monster sex, and filtering stories by category, views and a 1-to-5 star rating system makes finding exactly what you’re into pretty simple. There are more than 50,000 stories on offer, so if you don’t want to sludge through the lower-quality pieces you can navigate to the "Editor's Picks" category for stories that are guaranteed to be explosive. 


Offering over 250,000 stories by over 15,000 authors, Nifty is a freely-accessible library of LGBTQIA+ erotic stories, all written for LGBTQIA+ people. Consider it your go-to site for sensual reads outside of the hetero-normative range! You can search by keyword or explore the main categories (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender), as well as a wide range of tags, such as athletics, camping, military, romance and science fiction. Although the website was established waaay back in 1992 and is a little dated in aesthetic, there are still new stories posted almost every week.

Remittance Girl

Penned by the mysterious “Remittance Girl” herself, Remittance Girl's content includes erotica, stories, series and novellas exploring themes of BDSM, bondage, fetish, threesomes, domination and submission. Unlike websites that crowdsource material, the work on Remittance Girl was all written by the same author, who says in her manifesto that “there is a WORLD of difference between what people fantasize about and what they actually do.” Some stories veer into the supernatural and highly taboo, although there are also erotic stories about just a kiss. Each dose of erotic fiction is labelled, so you know exactly what you’re in for prior to clicking.

Solo Touch

If you’re playing solo and looking for a little extra help to get the job done, Solo Touch is the erotica site for you. Most stories on Solo Touch have the theme of masturbation, including solo, partnered and group, and there are also stories about techniques and sex. With a dedicated team that updates its content daily, SoloTouch is a sex-positive space that caters to free discussions about personal experiences, masturbation, and sexual development. Each submission is reviewed before it's published, so you can bet the stories here live up to the site's commendable mission: Don’t make your hand do all the work.

Volonté by LELO

LELO is the global brand behind some of the sleekest sex toys on the market, and Volonté is their "pleasure project" blog – devoted to a highly curated collection of erotic stories, sex positions, and relationship advice. You can filter stories by BDSM, Gay, Lesbian, Group, Romantic, Fetish, Sex and Serials. The site also includes audio content, which is great if you want to pop your ear buds in and keep your hands free for other things. Lelo’s mission via Volonté is to open people’s minds to a healthier, more vibrant sensuality. Get ready to have your arousal unlocked.