Ask a Sexpert: Is Sploshing for Me?

what exactly IS sploshing? And how do you embark on a playful exploration of this unique form of sensual sensation play with your partner? In this month’s Ask a Sexpert, we explore how sploshing can add a splash of excitement to your world of intimacy.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Finding a Third for Your Threesome
Embarking on the thrilling journey of a threesome can be an exhilarating and playful exploration of intimacy. However, the success of this adventure lies in the careful selection of the third participant...
The 5 Golden Rules of Filming DIY Porn

Embarking on the exhilarating journey of filming DIY porn at home can add a spark of excitement to your intimate life. Curious about capturing your intimate encounters on camera? Check out our tips for safely capturing your most intimate moments on camera.

The A – Z of Adult Toys

Want to spice things up in the bedroom with some playful adult toys, but not entirely sure where to start? Or looking for some inspiration on adding to your existing collection? Let's dive into a delightful lexicon of adult toys we know you’ll love, from A to Z.

Sinful’s Top 100 Songs for Seduction
Creating the perfect playlist for a striptease involves selecting songs with sultry beats, sensual lyrics, and an overall seductive vibe. Here's our list of the top 100 songs that could set the mood for an unforgettable performance, or night between the sheets.
How to Ask Your Lover for a Threesome

While you may have joked about it in the past, bringing up the topic of actually having a REAL LIFE threesome requires finesse, open communication, and a shared understanding. Check out our tips to help you ask your partner about the possibilities...

Top Drawer Must-Have: Sinful Lubricant

Ready to slide into new realms of pleasure? If you want to level up your sexual experience, there’s ONE top drawer must have that’s a no-brainer; whether you’re a person with a penis or a person with a vagina, single or coupled (or throupled!), monogamous or polyamorous...

Embracing Lights-On Lovemaking

For some, the idea of having sex with the lights on can be as nerve-wracking as giving a speech in front of a crowd. Fear not, shy guys and gals! Let's shed some light on the art of illuminating intimacy, without feeling like you're under a spotlight. 

For Her Pleasure: Shallowing
Forget balls-deep penetration. In 2024, a new sexperience is trending – and it’s all about the pleasure that can be found at the shallow end of the sexual spectrum... whether you're looking to enhance your partnered sexcapades or you want to heighten your own solo sensations.
Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Forgot to plan an elaborate date for your Valentine? Fear not! Sinful Adult Mega Store has come to the rescue, helping you play your forgetfulness off as spontaneity with seven seriously smart last-minute date ideas that promise to make your V-Day memorable!

The Gift of Pleasure this Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine's Day – a celebration of love, connection, and, of course, a touch of spice! If you're ready to kick the traditional bouquet of roses to the curb and bring your V-Day a-game, consider the delightful world of sex toys as a Valentine's Day gift. 

Creating the Perfect Sexy-Time Playlist
When it comes to intimacy, music can play a powerful role in enhancing arousal. Whether you're planning a cosy night in, or looking to add a dash of passion to your day, curating the perfect playlist can elevate your intimate moments...
From Vanilla to 'Vavavoom'
If your bedroom feels more vanilla than a scoop of ice cream, fear not – we're here to sprinkle a little 'vavavoom' into your intimate space. Get ready for a journey from mild to wild with this how-to guide on spicing up your bedroom antics.
Astro-Kinkology: Sex Toys for Your Sign

Ready for a celestial adventure that's sure to add some spark to your love life? Match your star sign with Sinful Adult Store's range of sensational sex toys! Whether you're a fiery Aries or a sensual Pisces, we've got the perfect cosmic companions for your intimate adventures…

Introducing Sex Toys in Your Relationship

Thinking about upgrading your favourite toy from a solo device, to a fun bedtime accessory to share with your lover? This playful guide is here to help you introduce sex toys into your relationship, and spice things up in the bedroom!

The Benefits of Kegels for Gals AND Guys

You’ve probably heard of kegels already – but did you know keeping them strong is just as beneficial for MEN as it is for women? Working your kegels can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and increase sexual pleasure, arousal, stamina and orgasm intensity. Learn more.

A Newbie’s Guide to Body Harnesses

They’re unapologetically bold and undeniably sexy – and while they’ve been popular in BDSM and queer culture circles for decades, body harnesses are having a real MOMENT in mainstream fashion, and are becoming more popular among those curious about kink and exploring bondage play and fantasy.

What’s Trending: August '23 Edition

We know what girls like, and we know what guys want! Spoiler: toe-curling vibes, and harder, longer-lasting erections! That’s the theme for our current bestsellers, based on customer purchases over the past 30 days. Get a piece of the action and the skinny on what’s hot in our Trending Sex Toys and Supplements list for August!

Become a CAT Expert

If you’re looking for an intimate penetrative position that pretty much guarantees orgasm, it’s time to try the Coital Alignment Technique! While it can take a little practice to get perfect (not necessarily a bad thing!), this position is sexy, stimulating, and doesn’t require any physical acrobatics to achieve.

Spotlight: Share Satisfaction
Love supporting local? Look no further for your luxury adult toys than Share Satisfaction –  New Zealand’s first luxury adult toy brand with a full range of sexual wellness and pleasure products. Their products focus on ease of use and connection, and made from body-safe silicone.
Think Pink Sex Toys with Sinful

There’s something inherently playful about the colour pink – so it’s little surprise some of our best-selling sex toys are in hues of blush, rose and cotton candy! Take a peek at 20 of our pretty-in-pink bestsellers.