The Benefits of Kegels for Gals AND Guys

You’ve probably heard of kegels already – but did you know keeping them strong is just as beneficial for MEN as it is for women? Working your kegels can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and increase sexual pleasure, arousal, stamina and orgasm intensity. Learn more.

A Newbie’s Guide to Body Harnesses

They’re unapologetically bold and undeniably sexy – and while they’ve been popular in BDSM and queer culture circles for decades, body harnesses are having a real MOMENT in mainstream fashion, and are becoming more popular among those curious about kink and exploring bondage play and fantasy.

What’s Trending: August '23 Edition

We know what girls like, and we know what guys want! Spoiler: toe-curling vibes, and harder, longer-lasting erections! That’s the theme for our current bestsellers, based on customer purchases over the past 30 days. Get a piece of the action and the skinny on what’s hot in our Trending Sex Toys and Supplements list for August!

Become a CAT Expert

If you’re looking for an intimate penetrative position that pretty much guarantees orgasm, it’s time to try the Coital Alignment Technique! While it can take a little practice to get perfect (not necessarily a bad thing!), this position is sexy, stimulating, and doesn’t require any physical acrobatics to achieve.

Spotlight: Share Satisfaction
Love supporting local? Look no further for your luxury adult toys than Share Satisfaction –  New Zealand’s first luxury adult toy brand with a full range of sexual wellness and pleasure products. Their products focus on ease of use and connection, and made from body-safe silicone.
Think Pink Sex Toys with Sinful

There’s something inherently playful about the colour pink – so it’s little surprise some of our best-selling sex toys are in hues of blush, rose and cotton candy! Take a peek at 20 of our pretty-in-pink bestsellers.

Pink Lingerie for Barbie Girls

Whether you're a proud Barbie who's ready to live your fantasy, or you're just a Ken and you want to spoil the one you love, Sinful Lingerie has a great selection of sexy and sweet pink sets to choose from, in candy, bubblegum and flamingo hues!

Top Drawer Must Have: Cock Rings

Want a bigger, harder erection and to last longer during sex? The humble cock ring may date back to the Jin Dynasty, but these simple, stretchy little suckers are prove highly effective in helping men go the distance while increasing the size of their pork swords.

Ask a Sexpert: Is It a Kink or a Fetish?

Wondering if your fondness for stockings, or wax play, or whipped cream or spanking is more of a kink… or a fetish? This month in Ask a Sexpert, we examine the two often interchangeably-used terms, explore the difference between the two.

What’s Trending: July '23 Edition

It’s time to heat things up on these cold winter nights – and we’ve got the skinny on Sinful’s current bestsellers. Spoiler… it looks like a lot of our gentleman shoppers have been making the most of the longer nights with some extra action in the bedroom! 

The Ultimate Sex Bucket List
Ready to spice up your sex life? Whether you're single or in a relationship, we've got 200 sinful suggestions to help you get the ball rolling on your own Sex Bucket List! Updated with even more sexy ideas June 2023.
Get Languid with The Pearly Gates

Love a lazy, languid sex position, or looking for greater G or P-spot stimulation? The Pearly Gates is for you! A great penetrative position for all partner pairing, The Pearly Gates combines vaginal penetration with easy clitoral stimulation, and is also great for anal sex.

Spotlight: System JO

Want to upgrade your tingle, intensify arousal and increase your glide during play time? Combining pharmaceutical-grade ingredients with rigorous testing, System JO's intimate lubricants, stimulating gels and toy cleaners are developed to enhance your sexual experience.

Sinful Lingerie New Arrivals

Got a case of the winter blues? Heat things up in the bedroom with Sinful Lingerie’s new arrivals – including all new lingerie sets and our new bodysuits and body stocking collections! Read on for a preview of our new release lingerie and intimate apparel must-haves…

Top Drawer Must Have: Clit Sucking Toys

If you have a clitoris and haven’t already tried one for yourself, what are you waiting for?! Clit sucking toys have revolutionised the adult toy industry, promising practically instant and more intense orgasms. Yes, please!

Ask a Sexpert: How Can I Last Longer in Bed?

Want to increase your sexual stamina and last longer in the sack? This month in Ask a Sexpert, we’re looking at tried and true methods to help you go the distance, and ensure your partner has a climatic finish before you blurt your squirt!

Trending Sex Toys: June '23 Edition

Want the skinny on Sinful Adult Mega Store’s bestsellers, based on customer purchases over the past 30 days? Check out our Trending Sex Toys and Supplements list for the inside scoop on what’s HOT this June!

What is Temperature Play?
Curious about temperature play and how you can explore it to spice up your sex life? Temperature play is a wonderful way to awaken your senses, and – while it’s a mode of erotic exploration that falls within BDSM – it’s highly accessible to newbies...
Get Tantric with Yab-Yum

Want to slow down your lovemaking and feel closer to your partner? The Lotus sex position – or Yab-Yum as as it's referred to in tantra practices – exemplifies the principles of tantric sex and is the perfect position to increase intimacy.

Solo Shower Sex

Looking for a way to spice things up solo? Shower masturbation is the way to go! Not only are showers warm and relaxing – they also guarantee uninterrupted time to yourself, and the perfect space for play without worrying about making a mess.

Top 25 Black Sex Toys & Accessories
Fans of leather and black lace and Siouxsie and the Banshees, rejoice! It’s World Goth Day (yes, it’s a thing!) and to celebrate we’ve rounded up 25 black sex toys and accessories that will ignite your dark desires. Ready to let your freak flag fly? It’s time to get shopping.