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Ask a Sexpert: Is Ex-Sex Ever a Good Idea?

The age-old question: Is sex with the ex EVER a good idea? This week in Ask a Sexpert, we’re examining the ins and outs of rekindling the flame with an ex-lover—because sometimes, playing with fire can be worth the risk of getting burned…

Ask a Sexpert: What is Queening?

In the realm of intimate exploration, queening takes centre stage as a delightfully playful and empowering practice that transcends the your stock-standard 69. It's an act that embraces sensuality, communication, and the celebration of feminine empowerment...

Ask a Sexpert: Is Sploshing for Me?

what exactly IS sploshing? And how do you embark on a playful exploration of this unique form of sensual sensation play with your partner? In this month’s Ask a Sexpert, we explore how sploshing can add a splash of excitement to your world of intimacy.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Finding a Third for Your Threesome
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How to Ask Your Lover for a Threesome

While you may have joked about it in the past, bringing up the topic of actually having a REAL LIFE threesome requires finesse, open communication, and a shared understanding. Check out our tips to help you ask your partner about the possibilities...

Ask a Sexpert: Is It a Kink or a Fetish?

Wondering if your fondness for stockings, or wax play, or whipped cream or spanking is more of a kink… or a fetish? This month in Ask a Sexpert, we examine the two often interchangeably-used terms, explore the difference between the two.

Ask a Sexpert: How Can I Last Longer in Bed?

Want to increase your sexual stamina and last longer in the sack? This month in Ask a Sexpert, we’re looking at tried and true methods to help you go the distance, and ensure your partner has a climatic finish before you blurt your squirt!

Ask a Sexpert: Can Semen Clog a Shower Drain?

Can semen really clog a shower drain, or is it finally time for us to put this urban myth to bed once and for all? This month in Ask a Sexpert, we’re looking at the science of spunk and whether it has the staying power to choke your pipes.

Ask a Sexpert: How to Muffle the Sound of Your Sex Toys

Is the hum, buzz or steady wom-wom-wom of your favourite sex toy killing your vibe? If you share your home with flatmates or kids, you may have found yourself worrying about the noise of your toys. Fear not! We’ve got 10 tips to help you dampen those tell-tale sounds, so you can fully relax on your way to O-Town.

Ask a Sexpert: Choosing Your First Sex Toy
This month in Ask a Sexpert, we’re exploring how beginners can choose the best sex toys to get started. If you're just starting to dip your toe into the fabulous world of self-pleasure and sexual exploration, get excited. There's a whole universe of sex toys for beginners to discover!
Ask a Sexpert: Can I Overdo it with My Vibe?

This month in Ask a Sexpert, we’re debunking the myth of ‘dead vagina syndrome’ while addressing variations of the same question: Will using my vibrator too often, or on the highest vibration setting, desensitise my clit? 

Ask a Sexpert: Is My Penis Big Enough?

Fellas, if you think the average penis length is over six inches when hard, you’ve been hoodwinked. The average penis size is a lot smaller than what most people believe, and usually looks nothing like the penises you’ve see in porn.