Ask a Sexpert: What is Queening?

In the realm of intimate exploration, queening takes centre stage as a delightfully playful and empowering practice that transcends the your stock-standard 69. If you've ever been curious about this regal affair, join us on a whimsical journey as we explore the art of queening—a practice that embraces sensuality, communication, and the celebration of feminine empowerment. 

What is Queening?

Also known as face-sitting, Queening is an intimate activity where one partner, typically a woman, positions herself over the face of her consenting partner, allowing for close proximity and exploration. This practice is a celebration of pleasure, trust, and the empowerment of both individuals involved. 

The Throne of Empowerment

Queening is more than just a physical act; it's an embrace of empowerment and agency. The partner (or Queen) assuming the throne takes charge of her pleasure and allows her partner to actively participate in the experience. It's a consensual exchange that embodies trust, communication, and the celebration of mutual desires.

Playful Communication

Queening thrives on open communication and consent. Prior to indulging in this intimate act, partners take some time to express their desires, boundaries, and comfort levels. This communication fosters a sense of trust and ensures that both individuals are on the same page, creating an atmosphere of shared exploration.

Sensual Connection

At its core, queening is about creating a profound and sensual connection between partners. The close proximity allows for an intimate exploration of touch, taste, and scent. The experience can be as tender or as passionate as desired, providing an opportunity for partners to connect on a deeply sensual and emotional level.

Celebrating Feminine Pleasure

Queening is a celebration of feminine pleasure and empowerment. By assuming a position that highlights the woman's satisfaction, queening challenges societal norms and embraces the idea that women deserve to take centre stage in their pleasure. It's an opportunity for both partners to revel in the joy of giving and receiving pleasure in a consensual and empowering setting. 

Add It to Your Sex Bucket List

Whether you’re the Queen or the throne – or you and your partner will be taking turns! – Queening is a canvas for creativity and sensual fun. Partners can experiment with different positions, angles, and levels of pressure to tailor the experience to their preferences. Whether approached with tender affection or bold enthusiasm, queening allows couples to explore their desires, power dynamics and orgasmic sensations.