Astro-Kinkology: Sex Toys for Your Sign

Ready for a celestial adventure that's sure to add some spark to your love life? Match your star sign with Sinful Adult Store's range of sensational sex toys! Whether you're a fiery Aries or a sensual Pisces, we've got the perfect cosmic companions for your intimate adventures…

The Benefits of Kegels for Gals AND Guys

You’ve probably heard of kegels already – but did you know keeping them strong is just as beneficial for MEN as it is for women? Working your kegels can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and increase sexual pleasure, arousal, stamina and orgasm intensity. Learn more.

Top Drawer Must Have: Cock Rings

Want a bigger, harder erection and to last longer during sex? The humble cock ring may date back to the Jin Dynasty, but these simple, stretchy little suckers are prove highly effective in helping men go the distance while increasing the size of their pork swords.

The Ultimate Sex Bucket List
Ready to spice up your sex life? Whether you're single or in a relationship, we've got 200 sinful suggestions to help you get the ball rolling on your own Sex Bucket List! Updated with even more sexy ideas June 2023.
Ask a Sexpert: How Can I Last Longer in Bed?

Want to increase your sexual stamina and last longer in the sack? This month in Ask a Sexpert, we’re looking at tried and true methods to help you go the distance, and ensure your partner has a climatic finish before you blurt your squirt!

Top 25 Black Sex Toys & Accessories
Fans of leather and black lace and Siouxsie and the Banshees, rejoice! It’s World Goth Day (yes, it’s a thing!) and to celebrate we’ve rounded up 25 black sex toys and accessories that will ignite your dark desires. Ready to let your freak flag fly? It’s time to get shopping.
Ask a Sexpert: Can Semen Clog a Shower Drain?

Can semen really clog a shower drain, or is it finally time for us to put this urban myth to bed once and for all? This month in Ask a Sexpert, we’re looking at the science of spunk and whether it has the staying power to choke your pipes.

Top Drawer Must Have: The Prostate Massager
Ready to take your p-spot massage and orgasm to the next level? Prostate toys and vibes have the potential to unlock new sensations and stronger orgasms… and who doesn’t want that? We've got the skinny on p-spot vibes designed to offer full-body bliss.
You Need a Sex Bucket List

A ‘life’ bucket list is a great idea… but what about making a bucket list for your sex life? Whether you're kinky, vanilla, or somewhere in between, it's time to identify new things you want to try in (or outside of) the bedroom – and then challenging yourself to make them happen!

Bestselling Stimulants & Supplements

Great news, guys and gals! With the end of daylight savings coming up, you get an extra hour in bed this weekend. Check out our bestselling stimulants, supplements and sexy-time essentials to help you make the most of it!

Kamagra FAQs
Kamagra Gel is one of our bestselling supplements for the effective treatment of erectile dysfunction. Learn more about how it works, safe usage guidelines and check out real customer reviews below to decide if Kamagra Oral Jelly is right for you.
Best Sex Toys for Beginners
Earlier this week in our Ask a Sexpert column, we explored how newbies can go about choosing their very first sex toy. Looking for recommendations on where to start when exploring the range of toys available that are perfect for beginners? Check out our top picks!
$10 Toys in Our Massive Stocktake Sale

Sinful Adult Mega Store’s MASSIVE once-a-year stocktake clearance sale is now on, with a HUGE assortment of toys and accessories for just $10! Hundreds of items are marked down and stocks are limited – so once they're gone, they’re GONE! 

Ask a Sexpert: Is My Penis Big Enough?

Fellas, if you think the average penis length is over six inches when hard, you’ve been hoodwinked. The average penis size is a lot smaller than what most people believe, and usually looks nothing like the penises you’ve see in porn.

Prostate Massage & P-Spot Orgasm

Guys, if you’re interested in experiencing a whole new world of pleasure, it’s time to explore prostate massage. There are some fantastic massagers and vibes dedicated to stimulating the prostate for mind-blowing, full-body orgasms. Let’s get started!

The Best Valentine’s Gifts for Men

Looking for a great gift for the man in your life? You can’t go wrong when you appeal to his inner horn-dog! Whether he’s sweet vanilla or a sinful Dom-Daddy, we’ve got something to tease and please your Valentine, no matter what his kink.

Solid Erex – The Skinny on Sinful’s New Year Best Seller

Is your New Year off with a BANG? It certainly seems to be the case for many of our customers – with Solid Erex For Men taking the lead as our best-selling product this month! Learn why...

Your Glass Sex Toys Questions Answered!

Ready for a new world of sensations? Glass sex toys don't just look pretty. They offer some serious perks that other toys don't. Get the skinny on glass wands, anal toys and dildos.

Happy Masturbation Month!
May is International Masturbation Month! Whether you refer to it as wanking, jerkin’ the gherkin, flicking the bean or rubbing one out, masturbating is not only normal – but actually good for you!
Introducing Hey Hemp Co!
Searching for a magic elixir to melt away stress and improve your sex life? As it turns out, the holy grail really DOES exist – and our friends at Hey Hemp Co are bottling it right here in New Zealand!
Endurance Trainers 101

Getting over the finish line a little too soon? Last longer in bed with stamina training! It's like a workout for your schlong, to help you build sexual endurance during sex.