Top 10 Tips for Reigniting Your Libido

Has your libido hit the snooze button lately? Don’t despair – it happens to all of us!

When life throws curveballs, your schedule gets out of control and your stress levels are through the roof, it’s perfectly normal for your sex drive to take a nose dive. The good news is, waking up that dormant desire and getting your libido humming again isn’t as hard as you might think. 

Here are our tips to reigniting the flames of passion. 

  1. Self-Exploration

Rediscover the magic within by indulging in some playful self-exploration. Take time to reconnect with your body, understand what tantalises your senses, and explore what sparks desire within you. Consider this a rediscovery of your own pleasure map. You could even treat yourself to a new adult toy to rekindle your interest in masturbation and sexual pleasure.

  1. Communicate Your Desires

Communication is the secret sauce to a sizzling libido. Express your desires to your partner, and create an open dialogue about what turns you both on. Sharing your fantasies, engaging in flirty banter, and letting the communication flow can work wonders for a waning libido, and it also helps build connection with your partner. 

  1. Set the Mood with Sensuality

Get rid of the TV from the bedroom and transform your surroundings into a haven of sensuality. Play with lighting, indulge in scented candles, and let the soft hum of music create a playful atmosphere. Setting the mood primes your senses for pleasure and invites a touch of intimacy into your space.

  1. Playful Date Nights

Reignite the spark with flirty date nights that focus on connection and fun! Explore new places, indulge in shared interests, or simply engage in activities that make you laugh and feel connected. Laughter is a powerful aphrodisiac. Why do you think so many funny-looking comedians are a hit with the opposite sex?

  1. Experiment with Erotic Play

Sometimes you just need to try something new to rev up your engine, so introduce a sense of adventure into your intimate life by experimenting with erotic play. Whether it's trying new positions, incorporating sensual massage, or introducing playful accessories, embracing the spirit of experimentation can revive your libido.

  1. Prioritise Stress Relief

Stress is the arch-nemesis of desire. After all, it’s pretty tough to focus on great sex when you’re mentally ticking off everything on your to do list! Prioritise stress relief activities like meditation, yoga and exercise. Better yet, do those relaxation activities with your playmate. Unwinding together is a great way to allows desire to flourish.

  1. Explore New Horizons

Embracing your sense of adventure and curiosity OUTSIDE of the bedroom can make a huge impact between the sheets. Whether it's trying your hand at a new hobby, traveling to a new destination, or delving into shared interests, the sense of novelty can rekindle the flames of desire.

  1. Revel in Self-Care

Pampering yourself is a powerful act of self-love, so engage in self-care rituals that make you feel good – whether it's a spa day, a bubble bath, or simply spending time doing things that bring you joy. When you feel good, your libido follows suit.

  1. Indulge in Aphrodisiacs

Tantalise your taste buds with aphrodisiac foods like chocolate to exotic fruits, and indulge in treats that not only satisfy your cravings, but also add a touch of sensual pleasure to your life. You can also boost your libido with herbal supplements and stimulants, like our best-selling Solid Erex to give you a leg-up while you revive your libido naturally!

  1. Be Kind to Yourself

Reviving a sleepy libido requires patience and self-compassion, so be kind to yourself, celebrate small victories, and relish in the joy of the process. Remember, desire blooms in a playful and nurturing environment.