The Gift of Pleasure this Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine's Day – a celebration of love, connection, and, of course, a touch of spice! If you're ready to kick the traditional bouquet of roses to the curb and bring your V-Day a-game, consider the delightful world of sex toys as a Valentine's Day gift. 

Astro-Kinkology: Sex Toys for Your Sign

Ready for a celestial adventure that's sure to add some spark to your love life? Match your star sign with Sinful Adult Store's range of sensational sex toys! Whether you're a fiery Aries or a sensual Pisces, we've got the perfect cosmic companions for your intimate adventures…

Introducing Sex Toys in Your Relationship

Thinking about upgrading your favourite toy from a solo device, to a fun bedtime accessory to share with your lover? This playful guide is here to help you introduce sex toys into your relationship, and spice things up in the bedroom!

Spotlight: Share Satisfaction
Love supporting local? Look no further for your luxury adult toys than Share Satisfaction –  New Zealand’s first luxury adult toy brand with a full range of sexual wellness and pleasure products. Their products focus on ease of use and connection, and made from body-safe silicone.
Think Pink Sex Toys with Sinful

There’s something inherently playful about the colour pink – so it’s little surprise some of our best-selling sex toys are in hues of blush, rose and cotton candy! Take a peek at 20 of our pretty-in-pink bestsellers.

Trending Sex Toys: June '23 Edition

Want the skinny on Sinful Adult Mega Store’s bestsellers, based on customer purchases over the past 30 days? Check out our Trending Sex Toys and Supplements list for the inside scoop on what’s HOT this June!

Top 25 Black Sex Toys & Accessories
Fans of leather and black lace and Siouxsie and the Banshees, rejoice! It’s World Goth Day (yes, it’s a thing!) and to celebrate we’ve rounded up 25 black sex toys and accessories that will ignite your dark desires. Ready to let your freak flag fly? It’s time to get shopping.
Spotlight: Satisfyer

Ask any of your friends what they favourite sex toy is and the most discerning among them is bound to proudly sing the praises of their Satisfyer: a brand that has taken the world by storm and become synonymous with style, luxury, innovation and earth-shaking orgasms.

Top Drawer Must-Have: Anal Beads

Whether you’re a person with a penis or a vagina, and whether you’ve tried anal play previously or you’re a complete beginner, anal beads are an amazing tool… and they’re not nearly as intimidating as anal newbies might think.

Sex Toy Storage

Want to keep your growing collection of sex toys safe, clean and away from prying eyes? It’s time to stop letting your favourite toys roll loose in your top drawer, and learn how to store them like a bonafide sexpert. It's the best way to protect your investment! 

Spotlight: Anal Fantasy
Searching for a high-end anal toy to help you explore the *ahem* hidden depths of your desire? Whether you’re an anal aficionado, or you’re completely new to anal play and ready to dive in, Anal Fantasy is one of the biggest names in anal sex toys – offering a diverse range of unisex personal pleasure devices.
Ask a Sexpert: How to Muffle the Sound of Your Sex Toys

Is the hum, buzz or steady wom-wom-wom of your favourite sex toy killing your vibe? If you share your home with flatmates or kids, you may have found yourself worrying about the noise of your toys. Fear not! We’ve got 10 tips to help you dampen those tell-tale sounds, so you can fully relax on your way to O-Town.

Trending Sex Toys: April '23 Edition
Want the skinny on our bestselling sex toys, supplements, gifts and devices? In our new monthly series – Trending Sex Toys – we’re giving you the inside scoop on what’s HOT, based on what Sinful customers have purchased over the past 30 days.
Egg Vibes for Easter
Forget chocolate eggs this Easter... what you REALLY need to treat yourself to is an egg vibrator! Learn more and check out our top love egg recommendations for 2023, including wireless bluetooth wearable eggs, clit-and-egg combos and more!
Top Drawer Must Have: The Egg Vibe
Looking for a simple vibe to engage your g-spot and your internal clitoral network? The humble egg vibrator may have been around for a while, but there’s a reason it remains a firm favourite among sex toy beginners and connoisseurs alike!
Best Sex Toys for Beginners
Earlier this week in our Ask a Sexpert column, we explored how newbies can go about choosing their very first sex toy. Looking for recommendations on where to start when exploring the range of toys available that are perfect for beginners? Check out our top picks!
Ask a Sexpert: Choosing Your First Sex Toy
This month in Ask a Sexpert, we’re exploring how beginners can choose the best sex toys to get started. If you're just starting to dip your toe into the fabulous world of self-pleasure and sexual exploration, get excited. There's a whole universe of sex toys for beginners to discover!
$10 Toys in Our Massive Stocktake Sale

Sinful Adult Mega Store’s MASSIVE once-a-year stocktake clearance sale is now on, with a HUGE assortment of toys and accessories for just $10! Hundreds of items are marked down and stocks are limited – so once they're gone, they’re GONE! 

Flirty Games & Kits for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that will lead to a little frisky business at the end of your date? A couple that plays together, stays together – and we’ve got a fantastic array of games, kits and novelties that will provide hours of fun.

Spotlight: Le Wand

Looking for a little luxury? We’re shining the spotlight on Le Wand – a premium brand of personal vibrating massagers that combine luxury materials, incredible ergonomics and advanced tech for the ultimate orgasmic experience.

Prostate Massage & P-Spot Orgasm

Guys, if you’re interested in experiencing a whole new world of pleasure, it’s time to explore prostate massage. There are some fantastic massagers and vibes dedicated to stimulating the prostate for mind-blowing, full-body orgasms. Let’s get started!