Ask a Sexpert: Which Lube Should I Use?

Keen to make your intimate moments extra sensational? Choosing the right personal lubricant can be the secret ingredient to elevating your pleasure game – but how do you know which lube is right for you? And which lube do you choose when it comes to playtime with toys, or anal play, or shower sex

From water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based lubricants, there’s a lube for every occasion. In this edition of Ask a Sexpert, we’re exploring the benefits of each variety of lube, and how to choose the best lubricant for your next sexual adventure.

Versatile Water-Based

Water-based lubes are the all-rounders of lubricants—a versatile and playful option suitable for almost any scenario. They’re compatible with various materials, including latex and silicone toys, and they're also easy to clean, won't stain your sheets, and provide a natural feel. Water based lubes are like the chameleon of lubes: adapting to your every desire and playing well with both solo and partnered adventures. They’re also usually the easiest to clean, leaving you more time for post-play cuddles. 

Luxurious Oil-Based

Oil-based lubricants add a touch of luxury to your intimate escapades. Perfect for a sensual massage or a more indulgent encounter, these lubes provide a long-lasting glide. They're not recommended for use with latex condoms, but they can add a playful and decadent twist to your adult toy experiences. Just be cautious with certain materials, as oil-based lubes can degrade some silicone toys, so always refer to each toy’s manufacturer’s instructions.

Long-Lasting Silicone-Based

Gide into a realm of heightened pleasure with silicone-based lubricants. Known for their incredibly silky feel and prolonged staying power, these lubes are like the marathon runners of the bunch. Perfect for water-based play, they won't wash away in the heat of the moment, and many people prefer silicone lube for anal sex. It’s important to note, though, that they're not always compatible with silicone toys. Refer to your toy’s  instructions, and if in doubt, do a spot test before diving into a silicone-on-silicone situation. 

Super-Smart Hybrid Lubricants

Ready for a fusion of pleasure? Enter the hybrid lubricant – a playful mix of water and silicone goodness. Offering the best of both worlds, hybrids combine the natural feel of water-based lubes with the longevity of silicone-based ones. They're often compatible with various materials, making them versatile for all kinds of pleasure pursuits. It's like having your cake and eating it too, but in a much more sensual context. 

Choosing the Right Lube for You

The best way to figure out which kind of lube is best for you, is to test them all! Experimentation is key, so don't be afraid to try different lubes to figure out your personal favourite. The most important thing to remember to check compatibility with condoms and toys before diving into the slippery fun.

Whether you choose the versatility of water-based, the indulgence of oil-based, the silkiness of silicone-based, or the best of both worlds with a hybrid, the key is to enjoy the slip and slide of pleasure in a way that suits your desires.