Solo Shower Sex

Looking for a way to spice things up solo? Shower masturbation is the way to go! Not only are showers warm and relaxing – they also guarantee uninterrupted time to yourself, and the perfect space for play without worrying about making a mess.

Ready to get steamy? Here are 8 ideas to help you heat things up the next time you take a shower.

1. Seduce Yourself with Mood Lighting

Bathrooms are designed to be bright, so if yours has not-so-sexy overhead lighting, turn them off and light a few candles instead. Setting the mood can help whether you’re having sex solo or with a playmate, so romance yourself! You deserve it. 

2. Make Use of the Showerhead 

This one really goes without saying, but if you’ve never given it a whirl, it’s time to put that detachable showerhead to good use. Start by gliding it across your erogenous zones, then target its jets to your hot spots – such as your vulva, clitoris, penis, testicles or anus – as you become more aroused. You can adjust your shower mixer to the perfect water pressure, and hold the showerhead closer or further away from your body to result in the sensation that feels best to you.

3. (Water) Temperature Play

You’ve heard of temperature play… why not employ it in the shower? You can engage in this kind of play by adjusting the water temperature of your shower hot and cold as you use your showerhead to massage your pleasure zones. Alternatively, run a warm shower and press your body against the cold wall or tile while touching yourself. The contrast of warm and cool sensations can be a fantastic way to heighten your senses as you get yourself off. 

4. Get Crazy with the Lube

When it comes to sex and self-pleasure, the more lube the better. But if you’re in bed (or on the couch, no judgement) the idea of making a mess can be a little distracting. One of the great things about shower sex and masturbation is that you’re in a prime position to clean up afterwards, no matter how messy things get. If you’re aiming water directly onto your genitals, your natural lubrication can be washed away – so it’s important to stay lubed up. More if definitely more, so get crazy! If you normally masturbate with toys and use a waterbased lubricant, mix things up by slathering your hand in a silicone lube and then going to town on yourself.

5. Go Hands-Free with a Suction Dildo

If you don’t already own a suction dildo, it’s time to invest. This kind of toy features a suction cup on the back and works with strap-on harnesses, but it’s also perfect for the shower. Stick it to the wall or the surface of the bathtub and experiment with the angle and height until you find a spot that’s juuuust right. You can place your hands against the wall to brace yourself as you ride your new BFF and find the perfect rhythm and depth. Or you can use one hand to stimulate your clitoris or stroke your penis while the dildo does the rest of the work.

6. Win the O-Race with a Waterproof Toy

Want to really maximise sensations in the shower? Take your favourite waterproof vibe or toy in with you! Using a vibrator while letting the water massage your scalp, shoulders, nipples and back can be a major turn-on, and can be a very effective means of getting off if you’re in a hurry (or trying to save water).

7. Take a Knee (Or a Seat)

Just like during sex, it can help to change positions. While some people find standing is a fun way to mix it up, you might have better access to your clitoris if you take a knee and rest your back against a wall. Some people have more luck orgasming from a relaxed, seated position or from being spread-eagle while laying down. If that’s you, try laying face-up in the bath with your knees spread, or sitting on the side of the tub. There’s no wrong way to masturbate, so figure out what works for you. 

8. Invite a Playmate

Speaking of playmates, why not bring yours into the shower WITH you? Let them watch as you get wet and pleasure yourself, or indulge in a little mutual masturbation and watch each other. They’ll be begging you to let them touch and join in…