Introducing Sex Toys in Your Relationship

Thinking about upgrading your favourite toy from a solo device, to a fun bedtime accessory to share with your lover? Not sure how to broach the subject?

Ah, the delicate dance of introducing sex toys into your relationship – it's like adding a pinch of spice to your favourite dish. While some might approach this topic with a little of trepidation, we're here to make the journey smooth, fun, and absolutely Sinful! Buckle up and get ready for an intimate adventure with your partner… this playful guide is here to help you introduce sex toys into your relationship, and spice things up in the bedroom! 

Choose Your Moment

Grabbing your trusty wand in the midst of your lovemaking might be a little jarring if you and your partner have never played with sex toys together. Instead, make it a conversation you have ahead of time – fully clothed. After all, even talking about having sex when you’re NOT having it can be a real turn on, and inspire action.

Picture this: You're both snuggled up on the couch, sipping your favourite beverage, when you decide to drop the sexiest question of all time – "Hey, have you ever thought about spicing things up with some exciting accessories?" Remember, timing is key! Choose a moment when you're both relaxed and open to new ideas. 

The Giggle Factor

Breaking the ice with humour is the secret ingredient to raising this question if you’re nervous about talking adult toys with your partner. You could say something like, "What do you think about inviting a new player to our game night? You know, something that vibrates!" Laughter not only lightens the mood but also paves the way for a more comfortable conversation about desires and fantasies.

Getting Specific

Once you've cracked a joke or two, and you’re both feeling relaxed and playful with the idea of using adult toys together, take some time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Express your curiosity about trying something new with your lover, and emphasise that it's about ENHANCING the experience you already share. You might suggest exploring a sensual world of pleasure with a specific type of toy, like a couple's vibrator or a beginner's kit.

If your playmate seems intimated or unsure, invite them to watch YOU play with a toy while they sit back and enjoy the show. This can be a huge turn on for many folks, and can be a great way to introduce toys in a fun, non-threatening way. 

Recommended Toys

There are a HUGE range of adult toys and accessories you can use together in the bedroom. Here are three of our top picks…

Couple's Vibrator: There little gadgets are designed to add extra excitement during intimate moments, enhancing pleasure for both partners. It's like a symphony for two! 

Beginner's Bondage Set: Ready to dip your toes into the world of BDSM? A beginner's bondage set can be a fun and thrilling introduction, turning your bedroom into a playful dungeon.

Remote-Controlled Vibrating Panties: For a cheeky date night out, consider surprising your partner with remote-controlled vibrating panties. Hand them the remote, and let the anticipation build throughout the evening!

Focus on Fun

Approaching the topic of introducing sex toys into your relationship doesn't have to be nerve-wracking. With a dash of humour, a sprinkle of curiosity, and the right toys in hand, you're on your way to creating a more exciting and intimate connection with your partner.

Remember, like anything intimacy-related, the key is to have fun. Cheers to turning up the heat in the most delightful way!