Spotlight: Satisfyer

Ask any of your friends what they favourite sex toy is and the most discerning among them is bound to proudly sing the praises of their Satisfyer. Not only because this sex toy company makes fantastic personal pleasure pieces – but because Satisfyer as a brand has taken the world by storm and become synonymous with style, luxury, innovation and earth-shaking orgasms.

Based in Germany, Satisfyer is – without a doubt – most famous for revolutionising the sex toy game with the launch of their legendary Pro 2. This gadget’s patented air pulse technology quickly saw it celebrated in every woman’s magazine as delivering orgasms in “record time”, and has become the world´s top-selling sexual wellness innovation since its release in 2016. Many other manufacturers have adopted similar tech in the years since, and while Satisfyer could very easily have rested on their laurels as the OGs of clitoral suction stimulation, the brand has continued to develop their offering with the release of 200 product innovations each year.

Satisfyer doesn’t market itself as a sex toy manufacturer. Satisfyer is self-described as a sexual wellness brand with a visionary, human-centric approach – combining intuitive product design with continued innovation, including their new, award-winning app, Satisfyer Connect.

Certified Clinical Sexologist and Director of Education for Satisfyer, Megwyn White, says:

“We are passionate about the many benefits sexual wellness has – from glowing skin to decreasing stress and anxiety, to boosting confidence and self-esteem, and strengthening intimacy with yourself or with a partner. Our focus has always been on providing women with the tools they need at accessible price points to unlock their full sexual potential.”

New to Satisfyer? We’ve pulled together five of our current faves from their collection to inspire you…


Designed to leave you smiling from ear to ear, the Satisfyer Vibes Yummy Sunshine offers a pleasurably curved shaft and sensually ribbed structure, inclined tip, and 12 tingly vibrating programs. Find your favourite vibration level intuitively at the push of a button and enjoy the sensations as they are perfectly distributed over the entire shaft, to stimulate from top to bottom.


Get ready for a new wave of pleasure. Featuring revolutionary Liquid Air Technology and thrilling Connect app compatibility, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 is the newest of Satisfyer’s best-selling Air Pulse pleasers. With 11 pressure wave programs and 12 modes of vibration, this exciting new toy is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you full customisation of your pleasure experience. Use the Satisfyer Connect app to control your toy remotely, create intimate vibration patterns for yourself, and even sync it to your favourite playlist!


The Satisfyer Endless Joy couple toy is winning over customers around the world with its very special shape and three powerful internal engines. It can be wonderfully integrated into sex or solo pleasure in so many different ways, and its three powerful internal engines allow you to create up to 100 vibration combinations. Use it on the nipples, clitoris, labia, perineum, testicles or the tip of the penis. The Satisfyer Endless Joy can be worn around the penis and testicles during sex to stimulate you both where it counts!


Satisfyer’s Partner Whale couple’s vibe is cleverly designed to be worn during sex while stimulating both partners. Fitted with two powerful motors, one shaft lies on the clitoris while the other massages your G spot and his shaft. At the touch of a button, you can choose from three vibration intensities and seven vibration rhythms to bring you to climax together. 


Featuring fluttering pleasure petals and 12 vibration programs, the Satisfyer Vibes Power Flower’s soft petals dance around sensitive areas as the vibrations in the silky silicone shaft root you into ecstasy. Perfect for awakening erogenous zones like the clitoris and nipples, the Power Flower features silicone flex technology and is waterproof for use in the shower for an even steamier experience.

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