Sex Toy Storage

Want to keep your growing collection of sex toys safe, clean and away from prying eyes? Storing your sex toys can be a real conundrum – but doing so properly will not only keep them safe and organised, it will also prolong their life and protect your investment! While there are a huge range of storage options specifically designed for adult toys available, some simple solutions are just as effective. 

It’s time to stop letting your favourite toys roll loose in your top drawer, and learn how to store them like a bonafide sexpert. 

Why Proper Sex Toys Storage Matters

Just like a watch box for timepieces, or cosmetics bag for makeup, your sex toys deserve dedicated storage.

Having a dedicated space to store your sex toys not only keeps them accessible and organised for playtime – it also keeps them safe to use. Good sex toy storage solutions, first and foremost, keep your toys clean while not in use. It doesn't matter if it's a vibe, training sleeve or your anal beads — tossing your toys together into a shoebox under your bed can leave them exposed to bacteria and degrade their quality.

Proper Storage Keeps Toys Clean

The only thing more important than keeping your sex toys fully charged is keeping them clean. If you aren't already, you should be thoroughly sanitising your dildos, butt plugs, and clit-sucking toys after every single use.

A sex toy must (must, MUST!) be clean and dry before it’s put away. Storing a toy that is dirty, or even still wet from cleaning, will cause bacteria to develop that can lead to skin irritation, product malfunction, or even an infection when the toy is next used.

Sex toy safety is non-negotiable, and storing your toys safely will keep them free from dust, lint and bacteria between uses so they’re play-ready when you want them.

Sex Toys Storage Options

When it comes to dedicated sex toy storage, the options are endless. You can choose from next-level cases complete with anti-microbial lining, padlocks, UV lights and charging ports, to simple solutions that look like cosmetic bags and are more travel-friendly. No matter your budget, collection size or living situation, there’s an adult toy storage solution that’s right for you. The trick to finding the best option is to consider:

  • How many toys you have*
  • The size of your toys
  • The materials of your toys (like silicone, glass and steel)
  • Whether you need discreet or lockable storage
  • How accessible you want your toys to be in the heat of the moment
  • How much space you have available for storage, and where

* Remember, it's always a good idea to invest in a storage option that allows room for your collection to grow!

Sex Toys Storage Bags Versus Boxes

When it comes to sex toy storage, the first question most people ask if whether they should opt for bags or boxes. While the choice comes down to personal preference and how much storage space you have available, it’s important to note that – even if you have a large collection which you plan to store in a treasure chest at the end of your bed – it’s best to stash each toy in its OWN pouch or bag to really ensure hygienic storage and to prevent material degradation that can occur when toys commingle.

For most people, a small selection of storage bags will be the way to go, as these offer flexibility for accommodating oddly shaped toys, and they tend to take up less space. Chose storage bags that breathe and are lint-free, like silk, satin or lint-free cotton drawstring bags. Plastic bags might seem like a smart choice, but they can actually trap moisture and promote the growth of bacteria and mildew.

If you have a larger collection of toys, or you want to store things like lube, condoms, and chargers all in one place, a storage box or kit can be a great option – especially one that includes dividers for added organisation. Keeping the original packaging from your sex toys can be a great way to keep them organised and easy to find, and prevent them from rubbing up against one another. Like plastic bags, which can trap moisture, you should never use air-tight containers or to store your sex toys.

Top 3 Sex Toy Storage Tips

  1. Before investing in sex toy storage, measure your sex toys to ensure your boxes or bags will be big enough
  2. Remove batteries from toys and remote controls you don’t use frequently while in storage. This prolongs the life of the motor and batteries. Storing batteries inside the toy can also cause them to leak.
  3. Keep the cables for rechargeable toys WITH the toys to avoid any organisational headaches, or delays when you need to charge your toy in a hurry. You can even label each charging cord with the toy name or type to make life easier.

Where to Store Your Sex Toys

Location, discretion and accessibility is important when you’re planning the best sex toy storage solution for you. A bedside drawer might not be the most discreet place to keep your toys if you live with curious children or nosey flatmates. A lockable tool box might be perfectly-disguised in the garage, but are you really going to want to traipse out there (probably, nude) every time inspiration strikes?

Shallow, lockable under-bed storage solutions can be great if you want to keep your collection handy, but discreet. Satin pouches can be a simple, elegant and affordable solution if you have a roomy bedside cabinet and you don’t need to worry about anyone else snooping though your things. You might keep small, frequently used toys in a satin-lined cosmetics pouch in your ensuite, while storing less frequently-used toys in their original boxes in a suitcase in your closet. Figure out what works for you and your living situation.