Top Drawer Must-Have: Anal Beads

Many people disregard anal beads when building their personal pleasure tool kits, but hear us out: they offer tantalising stimulation that everyone should try at least once.

Whether you’re a person with a penis or a vagina, and whether you’ve tried anal play previously or you’re a complete beginner, anal beads are an amazing tool… and they’re not nearly as intimidating as anal newbies might think.

What are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are pretty much exactly what their name suggests: a flexible string of rounded beads, balls, or oval spheres that are tapered, starting with a tiny bead, and getting progressively larger in size with the more length you take in. This makes them perfect for beginners, because they allow your body to adjust slowly to each bead’s increasing size.

Most feature a finger loop or ring at the end for insertion and removal, and this also acts as a kind of stopper, to prevent the toy from getting lost inside the body. 

Why Try Anal Beads?

As anyone who’s into butt stuff will tell you; there are literally THOUSANDS of sensitive nerve endings located around the opening of the anus, and stimulating those nerve endings in a pleasurable way can lead to more intense orgasms solo, or with a partner.

Anal beads stimulate those nerve endings, but they’re designed to deliver a unique type of pleasure that’s totally different from using a butt plug or engaging in penetrative anal sex. Think titillation as opposed to fullness.

While you don’t typically feel them inside you, anal beads stimulate the sphincter muscles when inserted or removed.

They're not remotely as scary as they may look, and are really easy to pop in. In fact, while people with prostates can enjoy internal stimulation from anal beads, that pop-pop-pop sensation that comes from insertion and withdrawal is what many people enjoy most. 

Pre-Play Prep

Many beginners worry about mess when starting with anal play. After all, anal beads go up your butt, and there’s no point pretending poop doesn’t live there. A little pre-game preparation can help you relax and enjoy. 

If you’re worried about hygiene, you can start by rinsing out the anus pre-play with a gentle anal douche or enema. Take care not to over-do it, as this can irritate the lining of the rectum and remove the good bacteria your body needs.

Douching is certainly not a mandatory step, though – it all depends on what you’re comfortable with. Simply showering and laying a dark-coloured towel down before play is really all you need to do.

Lube, Lube, Lube

Before you begin, always – ALWAYS – lube up your anal beads, and yourself, with a toy-friendly anal lubricant. It’s important to remember that the anus is not a self-lubricating area of the body, so when it comes to butt stuff, the more lube, the better.

Bear in mind that a lot of anal beads are made from silicone, and shouldn't be used with silicone-based lubes. Go for a water-based lubricant that's designed for anal play and compatible with silicone toys. These lubes won’t damage your toy, and will also be thicker, which means you won’t need to continually reapply.

How to Insert Anal Beads

Get yourself into a comfortable and relaxed position and start by gently pushing the first anal bead inside you. Get used to the sensation of gentle anal penetration and, when you feel ready, insert more.

You don’t have to insert the entire string your first time round. Many people like to get started with just the first two or three beads, and work their way up with each anal adventure. Listen to your body and what’s comfortable for you.

One tip for beginners is to use one hand to gently push the beads in, and the other hand to keep your anus spread. If using anal beads with a partner, be sure to communicate comfort levels clearly.

How to Remove Anal Beads

Many people love that stronger, more intense orgasms that anal beads offer, and timing is key to this! Send your lover – or yourself – completely over the edge by s-l-o-w-l-y pulling the beads out just as you're about to climax. This process stimulates the soft tissue around your anus which creates immense feelings of pleasure.

Firmly grasp the ring or loop at the end of the string and (we can’t stress this enough) SLOWLY pull. This is not a rip-cord situation.

How to Clean Anal Beads

Like all other sex toys, it’s important to clean your anal beads thoroughly after every single use. Some people use a toy cleaner, some people boil them in a pot for a few minutes, and others soak them in a weak bleach solution (1:9 parts bleach to water) before washing them with hot soapy water.

How you clean your anal beads will depend on what kind of material they’re made from, so always consult the cleaning directions supplied with your toy by the manufacturer. A soft bristle brush can help clean all the nooks and crannies. Be sure to dry them thoroughly, and store them safely between uses. 

Anal Beads FAQ 

Can I wear anal beads during sex or other sexual play?
Absolutely! As long as you’re comfortable, your anal beads can remain inside you until you’re ready to remove them.

Could my anal beads break off inside me?
No. If you’re using a toy designed specifically for anal play, there is no risk that your beads or the string can break off and disappear inside you. You should never insert beads NOT designed specifically for sex play.

Can I share my anal beads with my partner?
Even if you’re cleaning them thoroughly each and every time you use them, it’s a good idea not to share anal toys. Instead, you should each have your own set.

What Anal Beads are Best?

There are a lot of different options out there when it comes to anal beads, including strings designed for beginners. These are usually smaller, which makes insertion easier, and more comfortable.

If you've dabbled in anal play before, vibrating anal beads are a great choice and create a pleasurable effect similar to analingus or rimming. 

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