The Ultimate Sex Bucket List

You already know why You Need a Sex Bucket List. The question is, what will you put on yours? We've updated our list with even more sexy suggestions -- so here are 200 sinful ideas to help you get the ball rolling…

  1. Buy yourself your first sex toy
  2. Wear edible underwear and invite your partner for a taste
  3. Try a remote-controlled sex toy
  4. Have a threesome
  5. Have a foursome
  6. Have a more-some, or group sex
  7. Explore electro-stimulation
  8. Try flavoured lubes to make oral sex even more fun
  9. Get a waterproof vibrator and take a bath together
  10. Have sex while using a fitness ball/yoga ball
  11. Give anal a try
  12. Role play as master/mistress and their slave
  13. If one of you has a vulva, spend a night learning all about the clitoris
  14. Get to know your erogenous zones – and theirs
  15. Go to a sex dungeon
  16. Make a sex playlist of songs that get you in the mood
  17. Watch porn together
  18. Have some sneaky sex in a store changing room
  19. Use a chastity device for at least a day before sex
  20. Master standing sex
  21. Try taking on a dominant role during sex
  22. Try taking on a submissive role during sex
  23. If one of you has a penis, spend a night learning all about the p-spot
  24. Role play as law enforcement and suspect
  25. Have a FAUX affair (with your partner) to spice things up
  26. Go to a sex party to watch or participate
  27. Use a ball gag
  28. Learn Shibari and tie each other in knots
  29. Have sex outdoors in the rain
  30. Browse an adult toy store online and pick out a new toy to use together
  31. Role play as a masseuse and client
  32. Take turns being blindfolded to heighten your other senses
  33. If you have a vagina, teach yourself how to pompoir (squeeze your pelvic floor muscles) during sex
  34. Try the Mac-Daddy of vibes – a wand – on yourself or your playmate
  35. Have sex in front of a mirror
  36. Try swinging
  37. Attend a VIRTUAL sex party
  38. Find the g-spot and give or have a squirting orgasm
  39. Try ice cube play
  40. Grab some nipple tassels and learn how to twirl
  41. Camp out and do it in a sleeping bag
  42. Role play as teacher and student
  43. Try the wheelbarrow position for deeper penetration
  44. Wear latex and enjoy the feeling of it against your skin
  45. If you’re a person with a vulva, get yourself an egg vibrator
  46. Try to ejaculate or squirt on your partner’s face
  47. Create a sex menu together, and choose what to enjoy together
  48. Brush up on your sexual lingo
  49. Pull your partner's hair or have them pull yours
  50. Handwrite a sexy letter and send it to them
  51. Enjoy a couple's sex toy specifically designed for use during sex
  52. Explore consensual voyeurism with a willing participant
  53. Wear vibrating panties and give your partner the remote control
  54. Find a secluded parking spot and making out (or bone) in the backseat like teenagers
  55. Have sex in EVERY room of your house
  56. Try anal play – or edging – without going the full shebang
  57. Have phone sex
  58. If one of you menstruates, have period sex
  59. Take an in-person or online sex workshop together
  60. Play with handcuffs
  61. Try prostate massage
  62. Make good use of that morning wood with morning sex
  63. Take turns wearing a leash and collar
  64. Listen to audio porn
  65. Give or receive a handjob on the crowded dancefloor or a nightclub
  66. Engage your sense with Le Wand
  67. Role play as cheerleader and jock
  68. If you’re a person with a vulva, experiment with vabbing
  69. Spend at least a month trying libido-boosting foods – and testing their results!
  70. Join the mile high club
  71. Use ear plugs or muffs to heighten your other sense during sex
  72. Role play as boss and employee
  73. Give or get a yoni massage
  74. Explore ASMR sex
  75. Watch your partner have sex with someone else
  76. Experiment with BDSM
  77. Get nostalgic for your teens with tons of dry humping
  78. Go skinny dipping
  79. Get or give a foot job
  80. Role play as hostage and abductor
  81. If one of you has a vagina, insert some kegal balls for added stimulation during sex  
  82. Have sex on a trampoline
  83. Explore glass sex toys
  84. Role play as guard and inmate
  85. Try nipple clamps
  86. Explore safe and consensual choking, gagging, and breath play
  87. Sort out your sex toy storage
  88. Do a striptease, or watch your partner strip to the song of your choice
  89. Explore the world of ethical porn
  90. Play Truth or Dare with a sexy twist
  91. If you're a person with a penis, try a guybrator
  92. If you're a person with a vagina, try a thrusting dildo
  93. Invest in a sex wedge or a pillow designed to make some sexual positions easier
  94. Make each other come only using your hands
  95. If one of you has a vulva, try a clit sucking toy on yourself or your playmate
  96. Role play as (porn) director and actor
  97. Try anal beads
  98. Recreate your favourite movie sex scene
  99. Have sex on a sex swing
  100. If you have a thing for toes, explore shrimping
  101. Enjoy sex or solo play in the shower
  102. If one of you has a penis, get frisky with an endurance trainer during foreplay
  103. Wear a cock ring during sex or masturbation
  104. Play strip Never Have I Ever
  105. Explore double penetration play – with toys or penises or both!
  106. Last longer in bed with Solid Erex
  107. Write your own erotic fanfic starring you and your partner
  108. Role play as doctor and patient
  109. Try the yab-yum position for increased intimacy
  110. Have sex in a steam room
  111. Masturbate in front of each other
  112. Try temperature play
  113. Explore your artistic side with some painter and muse role play
  114. Try rimming
  115. If one of you has a penis, experiment with a penis pump during foreplay
  116. Take a fetish quiz together
  117. Have sex in a (private) pool or hot tub
  118. Give or receive a golden shower
  119. Play a sexy board game
  120. Treat yourself to sexy lingerie, or buy some for your partner
  121. Have a sexy scavenger hunt
  122. Swirl ice-cream on each other and lick it off
  123. Try fisting
  124. Have a private nude art class art home and have your lover draw or paint you in all your naked glory
  125. If you’re a person with a penis, try a prostate massager
  126. Have sex in public, but avoid getting caught!
  127. Play naked Twister
  128. Explore and act out your call girl or gigalo fantasy through role play
  129. Experiment with special wax-play specific candles
  130. Make a sex tape
  131. Learn how to muffle the sound of your sex toys
  132. Play dress up in sexy costumes
  133. Give or receive a pearl necklace
  134. Role play as handyperson and hapless housewife/ husband
  135. Come up with an unforgettable safeword you can use together
  136. Surprise your partner and dress up in a sexy body stocking 
  137. Get yourself a flogger and use it on yourself or your playmate
  138. Take your foreplay to new heights with an app-controlled We-Vibe toy
  139. Have a superhero and villain fantasy? Role play it with your partner
  140. Explore libido supplements, endurance trainers or delays sprays to last longer in bed
  141. Fill an inflatable paddling pool with jelly for some slippery naked wrestling
  142. Hire a bouncy castle and have your wicked way inside
  143. Embrace your inner goth with black sex toys and accessories
  144. Role play as mad scientist and monster
  145. Have sex with all the lights on
  146. See what all the fuss is about and treat yourself to a Satisfier sex toy
  147. Do it with a sex doll and let your partner watch
  148. Get frisky with spanking
  149. Strengthen your erection with Kamagra Gel
  150. Explore orgasm denial
  151. Wear nylons or pantyhose during sex
  152. Update your sex toy arsenal with trending sex toys
  153. Send your partner or playmate some racy sexts
  154. Have a fireman fantasy? Ask your play mate to help your bring it to life
  155. Do it on a washing machine and let the spin cycle vibrations do some of the work
  156. Treat yourself to a luxury Fredericks of Hollywood toy
  157. Explore CBT (cock and ball torture)
  158. Try wearing a zentai (gimp or morph) suit during foreplay
  159. Play strip-poker – winner takes all
  160. Have sex via webcam
  161. Role play as an alien and their human subject
  162. Incorporate sex dice into your date night for some frisky fun
  163. Have sex in a limo
  164. Get your groove on with some stripper-meets-client role play
  165. Do it in the backyard, under the sun or stars
  166. Try sploshing, or getting it on while being covered in wet food or beverages
  167. Vacation at a sex hotel or resort
  168. Have sex by a roaring fire
  169. Explore your limits with a King Cock dildo
  170. Do a sexy photoshoot together and take turns being the photographer
  171. Make art on each other with body paint
  172. Explore your fantasies through role play
  173. Give – or get – a lap dance
  174. Master the art of dirty talk
  175. Get nostalgic and give your partner a love bite
  176. Try tantric sex
  177. Build a blanket fort and get it on inside
  178. Have a quickie in the bathroom of a restaurant/bar/pub
  179. Try edging
  180. Use arousal gel on your genitals or nipples
  181. Try queening/ face sitting
  182. Read erotica with a partner or, solo to get yourself in the mood
  183. Try wearing a gimp mask during sex
  184. Experiment with corsetry
  185. Dip your toe in the waters of discipline play
  186. Role play as a sex worker and client
  187. Use a fucking machine
  188. Wear heels or boots to bed and keep them on during sex
  189. Try pegging
  190. Spoil yourself -- or someone else -- with some luxe handmade lingerie
  191. Role play as a maid or butler and cater to your master's every whim
  192. Work your way through the kama sutra positions
  193. Have sex while fully clothed
  194. Get frisky with System JO flavoured lubes or stimulation gels
  195. Role play as a nurse and give your patient a sexy sponge bath.. or take their temperature
  196. Get the good vibes going with a bullet
  197. Role play as sex robot and scientist
  198. Go to a nude beach and have sex in the ocean
  199. Enjoy lazy, languid sex with the Pearly Gates position
  200. If one of you has a penis, undertake the ultimate crafting project together with a Clone-a-Willy

Remember, the whole point of a sex bucket list is to have FUN, so create a list that makes you feel stimulated, titillated and fizzing with excitement – and then have a blast ticking things off!

*Last updated June 2023