What is Erotic ASMR?

Love the idea of combining a ‘brain-gasm’ with your sexual play? Erotic ASMR can be used to increase arousal and enhance your sexual experience – resulting in sparkly, tingly feelings and deeeep relaxation. Sound good? Learn more about ASMR, ASMR Sex, and how you can explore it alone, or with a partner. 

What is ASMR?

If you watch videos, you’ve probably heard of ASMR – but, like a lot of people, you may not be clear on what is actually means. 

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a relaxing, tingling sensation that some people experience as a result of listening to certain sounds or watching certain visuals. Essentially, it’s a term used to describe a sensation experienced by some people in response to visual and auditory triggers

For these people, sounds or sights -- such as whispering, soft scratching, nails tapping on a table, the sound of the shower running, or even watching someone make a painting -- can trigger a relaxing, almost-euphoric response, which is why AMSR fans often refer to the experience a "brain orgasm".

It’s best described as a pleasant tingling sensation that starts at the crown of your head and can spread down to your fingertips and toes.

What is ASMR Sex?

ASMR Sex – also known as erotic ASMR – is the erotic use of specific visual and auditory triggers to enhance a sexual experience.

While ASMR is not considered inherently sexual, the relaxation and stimulation can lead to more intimacy and pleasure during sex. It can also offer heightened sensory awareness, which many people find arousing.

Erotic ASMR can mean listing to audio or watching videos to increase arousal, or it could mean incorporating ASMR activities into foreplay or sexual activity.

If you’re interested in ASMR video and audio content to increase arousal, that might include videos of people eating food or putting on lotion, or simply a person whispering words associated with sex. Hearing the person’s voice and breathing, combined with their appearance, can help the viewer experience pleasant tingling and shivers.

Erotic ASMR stimuli can also include triggers such as blowing, breathing, tapping, scratching or typing. Some Erotic ASMR audio will focus more on soft moans and other sex noises.

Incorporating erotic ASMR activities into foreplay or sexual activity might include triggers such as whispering fantasies to a partner, focusing on sounds during oral sex, gently rummaging through a drawer or box of sex toys, tracing patterns on the skin with the fingernails or a feather, or playing erotic ASMR audio in the background while having sex.

Is ASMR Sex for Everyone?

Only a minority of people (approximately 20%) actually experience ASMR, and their triggers vary along a wide spectrum.

That being said, even if you don’t experience ASMR on a normal, day-to-day basis, the sounds and sensations can still be used to enhance your sex life and help you bond with your partner, and it’s still possible to get turned on by ASMR triggers. The trick is to find a trigger that works for you.

How to Explore ASMR Sex

Sex is about more than intercourse – it’s about pleasure, sensation and play. Erotic ASMR can create a zone of excitement and titillation to enhance your overall sexual experience.

As with any kind of sexual activity, exploring erotic ASMR requires some trial and error – and there’s no right or wrong way to incorporate ASMR into your sex life. Just like mainstream ASMR, triggers can vary widely from person to person.

Listen to Erotic ASMR to Get in the Mood
There are many examples of ASMR erotica on popular streaming services like YouTube and Spotify. You can also explore paid services for more explicitly erotic content.
Listen to Mainstream ASMR to Relax and Connect
The ASMR content you choose may not even be erotic in nature. If your goal is simply to relax and connect with your partner during foreplay and sex, listening to mainstream ASMR audio can be a great option to help you feel zen-ed out and open to other sensations.
Incorporate ASMR Play with Your Partner
One simple way to incorporate ASMR play with your partner is to lightly touch them all over, like a light tickling. This type of touch has been known to trigger the deep relaxation state that ASMR does. Whispering and breathing softly into their ear can also be an erotic trigger.

Remember, the key to using ASMR to enhance your sex life is to find a trigger sound that works for you. Try not to have preconceived notions (or put pressure on yourself) for the experience to go a certain way, keep an open mind and focus on experimenting.

Sexual ASMR can help you to relax and to reduce anxiety in the bedroom, but – like anything when it comes to our sex lives – it's about finding what works for you for a more enriching and soothing activity.