Prostate Massage & P-Spot Orgasm

Guys, if you’re interested in experiencing a whole new world of pleasure, it’s time to explore prostate massage. Try it on your own or with a partner, using your fingers or a toy. With an increasing number of men delving into p-spot play, there are some fantastic massagers and vibes dedicated to stimulating the prostate for mind-blowing, full-body orgasms. Let’s get started!

What is the P-Spot?

The prostate — or P-spot, as it’s often called — is a small muscular gland, around the size and shape of a walnut, that produces the seminal fluid found in ejaculate.

The prostate is located about two inches inside the rectum, between the rectum and the penis. It helps propel semen from the penis. It’s also surrounded by nerve endings that can feel oh-so-good when touched just right.

Although entering through the anus is the most direct way, you can also stimulate the prostate indirectly through the perineum, or taint – the skin that runs underneath the scrotum to the anus.

What does a prostate orgasm feel like?

P-spot orgasms are said to feel similar to penile orgasms, only more intense and felt through the entire body. By comparison, penile orgasms are associated with 4-8 pelvic contractions, while prostatic massage orgasms are associated with 12.

Not everyone ejaculates during a prostate orgasm, but some release a dribble of milky fluid from the urethra – hence the term, ‘milking the prostate’. This fluid is called prostatic fluid, which is basically ejaculate without the sperm.

How to Find the P-Spot

Before you can experience prostate pleasure, you’ll need to find it first! Located below the bladder near the rectum, the prostate is easier to find when you’re aroused because arousal triggers additional blood flow to the prostate – causing it to swell. Foreplay or masturbation beforehand will make finding the prostate easier.

If you want to try internal stimulation of the p-spot, start by inserting a well lubricated finger (your own or a partner’s) into the anus, around five to 10cm deep. Angle your finger toward the belly button, and you should feel the prostate through the rectum's front wall. Be gentle. The prostate will feel fleshier and softer than the surrounding area.

How To Give a Prostate Massage With your Fingers

Using your finger before moving onto toys is a great way to start because your finger will be smaller, and you’ll have more control. Here are three simple ways you can stimulate the prostate internally using your finger.

  1. Gently insert your lubed index finger into the anus and curl your finger upward in a “come hither” motion toward the belly button. Repeat the motion while gradually increasing your speed as the pleasure builds.
  2. Rest the pad of your finger against the outside of the prostate and gently press as you would to ring a doorbell. Mix it up by using different pressure or holding the press for shorter and longer intervals to find what works. You can use the doorbell technique when penetrating the anus, too.
  3. Use the pad of your finger and run it all around the prostate, circling your way around the entire perimeter of the gland. Change up the pressure and speed and continue with the combo that feels best, allowing the pleasure to build up.

Stroking the penis at the same time can take it to another level of pleasure and get you there faster.

How to Massage the Prostate with a Sex Toy

There are a wide range of toys available that are specifically designed to massage the P-spot. These can be used solo or with a partner, and many offer multiple speed and pulse settings. Learn more via our post, Top Drawer Must Have: The Prostate Massager.