How To: Twirl Your Nipple Tassels

Today is World Burlesque Day – an international celebration of all things burlesque – and mastering the art of nipple tassel twirling is the perfect way to mark the occasion! 

Want to bring a little entertainment and mystique into the bedroom? Tassel twirling is a fun burlesque technique to throw into your foreplay – plus, it’s possible for people of all shapes and sizes, and it’s easier than you might think!

What, Actually, is Burlesque? 

While many people think of burlesque as being synonymous with striptease and other titillating forms of entertainment, burlesque traditionally combines provocative performance with comedy and parody for a style of show unlike any other.

The word ‘burlesque’ has been in use since the 17th century, and is derived from the Italian words ‘burlesco’ or ‘burla’ meaning a joke or mockery. Victorian burlesque was popular in London theatres from the 1830s, taking well-known culture like opera or Shakespeare and parodying it – often using popular music of the time and re-writing the lyrics for comic effect. As Victorian burlesque made its way to the USA in the mid 1800s, the shows were focused on parody elements performed by a predominantly attractive cast of women mimicking patriarchs’ roles, including as sexual aggressors. These women took to the stage in decadent outfits and even cross-dressed as part of their parody.

Over time, burlesque evolved to include a greater focus on titillation and striptease with more and more elaborate costumes, and although the popularity of burlesque declined from the 1950s it experienced a revival from the 90s with burlesque stars like Dita Von Teese wowing a whole new generation of audiences. Burlesques shows today focus on spectacle, elaborate costuming and sensuality, however the tongue-in-cheek roots of the artform still remain. 

Nipple Tassels – The Ultimate Burlesque Accessory

Nipple tassels – and their fringeless cousins, pasties – are adhesive nipple covers often used in burlesque dancing, stripping and other forms of sensual or erotic entertainment. They were popularised in the 1920s to prevent dancers from breaking anti-toplessness laws, and are now regarded as a pivotal part of burlesque iconography. 

Tassels and pasties are patches that cover a person's nipples and areolae, typically self-adhesive or affixed with adhesive. They can be made from a wide variety of materials, including faux leather, lace and vinyl, and they come in a huge array of colours, designs and styles – from glittering star pasties, to sequined hearts with swinging tassels.

How to Twirl Nipple Tassels 

The signature move of every nipple tassel wearer – made famous by burlesque stars throughout history – is the playful and mesmerising twirl! While it can take a little practice to master, a tassel twirl is something EVERYONE can do – whether you’re completely flat-chested (hello, fellas), rocking perky A-cups or you have an especially buxom bosom!

There are a few different tassel twirl moves you can try to test your twist in different directions. Check out this video from the experts at PolestarsUK to see the steps in motion! 

Tassel Twirl Tips

Once you have your chosen adhesive and sparkly pasties, get in front of the mirror and get twirling. Some people like to use the ‘jumping’ or ‘bouncing’ option, while others – particularly big-titted lasses – can find this method a bit uncomfortable. The ‘shimmy’ is a great twirling technique for beginners – be sure to lift up your chest and bring your shoulders back and elbows in to your sides for maximum shimmy results!

  • Stick your nipple tassels in place
  • Raise your hands are above your head
  • Rhythmically bounce on up and down on the spot to get your tassels to swing in circles
  • To change twirl direction, lower your arms with hands behind your back

If your tassels end up flying all over the place, just have a giggle about it and don’t let it bother you. It’s just a bit of fun!

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