Get Languid with The Pearly Gates

Love a lazy, languid sex position, or looking for greater G or P-spot stimulation? The Pearly Gates is for you! A great penetrative position for all partner pairing, The Pearly Gates combines vaginal penetration with easy clitoral stimulation, and is also great for anal sex.

If you’re looking to add a new position to your sexual repertoire, and you want something that doesn’t require a lot of flexibility, strength or acrobatics, this is going to be your new favourite. It’s basically a spooning position where both partners lay face-up, and – because the receiving partner’s legs are open – there’s greater opportunities for nipple, clitoral or penile stimulation. Hooray! 

How To Do The Pearly Gates

Seriously, this position couldn’t be simpler. The penetrating partner lays on their back with their knees relaxed or slightly bent. The more the penetrating partner bends their knees, the more they’ll be able to leverage themselves for penetration and thrust, but see what feels right for you.

The receiving partner lays on top of the penetrating partner, face up and mirroring their partner’s body, allowing for penetration from underneath. The receiving partner’s legs should be open and bent at the knees to help them stabilise their body. The penetrating partner can then wrap their arms around the receiving partner’s waist or chest or under their arms to help keep them in position. 

Why You’ll Love The Pearly Gates

The Pearly Gates is intimate and erotic, offering lots of body contact, and great angles for G or P-spot stimulation. If the receiving partner has a vulva, they can easily stimulate the clitoris with their fingers or a vibrator, or their partner can reach around and do it for them. If the receiving partner has a penis, they – or the penetrating partner – will have easy access to their penis for additional stimulation during penetration. 

The penetrating partner will also have full access to the receiving partner’s nipples and other erogenous zones, and will be perfectly positioned to whisper sweet nothings – or talk dirty – into their ear.

Variations on The Pearly Gates 

While this position is so simple it doesn’t require much tweaking according to your flexibility or fitness level, there are a range of variations you can try to find the most comfortable – and stimulating – position for you and your partner. 

The receiving partner may want to spread their arms out for greater balance, while giving their penetrating partner complete access to their body. They can also bring their knees closer to their chest for a slightly different angle of entry.

The penetrating partner’s job is pretty much to lay there, hold their partner, thrust and enjoy the ride, but they can adjust the angle of their legs according to what works best for them in terms of leverage. Bending the knee and placing their feet flat on the bed will offer the most leverage, so they can work their way up to this as you get closer to climax – building from a slow, lazy sex session to a banging good time!