For Deeper Penetration, Try The Wheelbarrow

Into deep penetration and positions that put a booty on display? The Wheelbarrow is for you. Similar to doggy style but a bit more vigorous, this position enables the penis to stimulate the A-spot and G-spot and increase the likelihood of orgasms for partners with a vagina. In the case of anal penetration for partners with a prostate, the angle The Wheelbarrow offers can lead to intense prostate orgasms. Hooray!

How to Do The Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow may look like one of those crazy positions that no one (aside from porn actors) is doing, but we assure you – it’s real, and it’s not necessarily as complicated as it looks!

In this position, the giving partner stands while holding the receiving partner’s legs. The receiving partner is usually on the floor, using their hands to balance in a plank-like position. Alternatively, the receiving partner may balance on their forearms.

There are a couple of ways you and your partner can get into the Standing Wheelbarrow position gracefully.

  • One partner start on all fours, and the other partner squats behind them, preparing for and engaging in penetration. The ‘top’ (penetrating) slowly stands up while holding their partner’s legs around their waist.
  • Alternatively, the ‘bottom’ (receiving) partner gets into a downward-facing dog pose, and as the top partner penetrates them, they lift both of their partner’s legs around their waist.

This position can be tough for some people to sustain for longer periods, and requires a bit of physical agility and stamina. The bottom partner (the person being penetrated) needs to have reasonably good shoulder and core strength to help maintain the position, while the top partner (the person doing the penetrating) should do their best to hold their partner up, so the bottom has to use the least amount of effort to hold themselves up by their arms.

Although it takes a little finessing to get the right angle, we promise – it’s worth it!

The Seated Wheelbarrow Variation

If you find The Wheelbarrow too challenging, the seated variation of this position is a little more physically accessible.

Start on the bed or a chair, in reverse cowgirl. Together, move toward the edge of the bed or chair so one partner is leaning over the edge, finding the floor with their arms for balance and support.

You can also start from a standing Wheelbarrow position, and the standing partner can move to a seated position on the edge of a bed, chair, or another piece of sturdy furniture – perfect if one or both of you gets a little tired!