A Beginner's Guide to Wands

Want to put a little MAGIC into your Big O? Few toys get the job done faster – and more intensely – than a wand!

While their size (wands are usually fairly big and powerful!) can make them a tad intimidating for beginners, hear us out. After all… there’s a reason Hitachi’s wand has been a bestseller since the ‘70s. Despite never having officially been marketed as sex toys, they deliver powerful, thigh-shaking orgasms. And – given their popularity – a huge number of toy manufacturers have followed their lead, designing wands of their own to tantalise, tease and make their customers weak at the knees.

Why Try a Wand?

Already have a solid arsenal of sex toys at your disposal? They may have been around for more than 50-years, but there’s a VERY good reason wands have remained a steadfast choice among sex toy connoisseurs. Basically: they’re clit whisperers. Seriously.

Rather than an internal sex toy like a rabbit or G-spot vibe, wands are for external use only – releasing deep, rumbly vibrations that stimulate all the way down into the internal structure of the clitoris. As the motor is kept in the “head” of the wand, it’s directly-targeted: sending those intense vibes right where you want them, and nearly every woman requires clitoral stimulation to experience orgasm.

Not only are they highly effective masturbation collaborators – wands are also great tools for levelling up sex with your partner. In missionary, your partner’s weight will add to the pressure of the wand head on your clitoris for intense, full-body orgasms. During doggy style, you get to ride your wand while your partner is riding you. Wands are also exceptional accomplices during oral sex – just place the head of the wand against your clit while your partner uses their tongue to stimulate the rest of your vulva. Oooooh, yes!

Whether you're riding solo or with a partner, a wand is a must-have all-rounder. And if you don’t already have own one, stop what you’re doing right now and get one!

Shop Wand Vibes Online!

If you’re just joining us, Sinful Adult Mega Store stocks a wide selection of wand vibrators, which we’ll deliver discreetly to your door! The only hard part is deciding WHICH WAND to make your new BFF.

Looking for inspiration? Here are five wand vibes you’ll want to check out to decide which model is right for you.

If Your VIBE is Aesthetic

Prefer your sex toys to be as gorgeous as everything else you own? We got you! The TWELVE MAGIC SILICONE RECHARGEABLE WAND is so dreamy and delicious in lovely lilac, it looks like it was designed with a horny unicorn in mind. Don’t let the pretty-in-purple aesthetic fool you, though. She may be beautiful, but she’s also POWERFUL – featuring a thick 4cm diameter head and 12 speeds.

If You’re Looking for a Wall Outlet Wand…

Hitachi’s OG wand was mains-powered, and many avoid fans swear by this style of wand for ultimate reliability. There’s nothing worse than losing battery power when you’re on the edge, and this multi-speed, plug-in model will ensure you NEVER lose vibration at that pivotal moment. BODYWAND MIDNIGHT JAPANESE MASSAGER features wide contact, soft-touch silicone head and easy-touch and intuitive controls. It’s also out bigger wand in stock – making it the perfect choice for gals who like to lay back and let their wand work its magic without worrying about manoeuvrability. Essentially, you can hold the handle at chest-height and reach the clitoris without moving a muscle. Convenient!

If You Prefer Toys Small, But Mighty…

Not everyone has space (nor the inclination) for a whopping big wand. Thankfully, this 10-SPEED MINI VIBRATING RECHARGEABLE WAND packs the punch of a full-size toy into a small but powerful package! Measuring just 13cm in length and with a head diameter of 3.3cm, this wand offers 10 speeds and is the perfect gateway into the world of wands for beginners.

If You Want a Dual—Action Wand…

Like your devices to multi-task as much as you do? Check out the SINFUL DUAL MAGIC LODI 10 SPEED SILICONE WAND MASSAGER, which vibrates at both ends to ensure you’re always satisfied – no matter what you’re in the mood for. Featuring a curved insertable length, 4.2cm head, 20 vibration modes and 10 speeds, this USB-rechargeable, sleek and stylish wand will satisfier your every need, and look mighty fine doing it.

If You Wanna WAP Like Cardi B…


Want a wand that guarantees a wet ass pussy? Get your hands on the VUSH MAGESTY 2 WAND VIBRATOR! Featured in Cardi’s super-steamy music video, ‘Up’, this USB-chargeable wand features 50 personalised vibration levels and intensities and is 100% waterproof for play in the tub or shower. Thanks to Cardi’s stamp of approval, and the Vush brand’s self-love philosophy, beautiful aesthetics and powerful features, the MAGESTY 2 is currently one of our bestselling wands!

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