Let’s Talk Remote Control Sex Toys

Want to spice things up with a new sex toy you can enjoy withyour partner? Ready to explore new sensations, or tip your toe in the water of control and submission?  

Remote control vibrators have come a long way in the past decade or so – and an increasing number of kink-loving couples are adding them to their sexual bucket list. No longer are there awkward cords and clunky 90s-Nokia-sized remotes to deal with: remote controlled sex toys are sleek, high-tech and a breeze to incorporate into your pursuit of pleasure.

What is a Remote Control Sex Toy?

Essentially, a remote control sex toy or remote vibrator is a toy that can be controlled by somebody else – using either a cordless remote or an app on their smartphone. Toys with remotes will require your partner be in the same room – or within a certain radius – to work, while toys that are app-compatible generally offer greater flexibility, allowing your partner to control your toy from a different location or even a different part of the world.

Why Try a Remote Vibrator?

Doing the same old thing in bed – even when that routine results in orgasm – can get boring pretty quick, and leave you feeling disconnected. Trying new things with your partner, whether it’s a new position, a new sensory experience or a new toy, is a great way to keep things interesting and keep the spark alive!

A remote control vibe is a great option for heating things up and trying something new, while also exploring dynamics of control and submission. By giving your partner control of your vibrator, you’ll be putting your pleasure LITERALLY in their hands while releasing your control over the experience. This can free you up to be fully in the moment. It can catch you by surprise and titillate the senses. It can allow you to explore other parts of your body while they take control of the remote. And it can provide opportunities to enjoy vibration settings that you might not have considered using the same tried-and-true toy on yourself.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, or if you or your partner travel for work, an app-control sex toy can help you keep those good vibes going even when you’re not in the same city, and are a great way to level-up your sexting, naughty video chats or phone sex-capades.

Ready to give your first remote vibrator a try? Here are five of our top picks! 


Love the idea of wearing your remote control vibe out on the town? You’ll share a sexy secret with this 7 SPEED REMOTE CONTROL WEARABLE PANTY VIBRATOR, which is designed to fit snugly while delivering seven vibration speeds. Waterproof and USB-chargeable, this delightful toy can be worn discreetly wherever you are.

With Clit-Sucker

Not sure you’re ready to settle for anything other than your favourite clit-sucking toy? With our REMOTE CONTROL CLIT & COUPLE VIBRATOR, you don’t have to! Integrating a clit-sucking function and an internal vibrator, this 10-speed waterproof vibe in hot pink will leave you aching and shaking in all the right ways. It’s also USB-chargeable via a magnetic connection for added convenience.

With Dildo

Looking for a remote vibe with a little… girth? This REMOTE CONTROL 9-SPEED PURPLE COLOUR RECHARGEABLE SILICONE DILDO VIBRATOR is stealthy, yet features a satisfying dildo feature offering 7.5cm of insertable length. Matched perfectly with a clitoral-vibe and waterproof for use in the shower or tub, this toy offers seven speeds for your pleasure.


Looking for a remote sex toy that you can use long-distance? We love the APP CONTROLLED BULLET VIBRATOR, which offers gooood vibrations and plenty of opportunities for play without needing to be in the same general vicinity. It features a satisfying egg-shape and nine vibration modes, is waterproof, and can be charged via USB.

For Him

Why should girls have all the fun?! The CAMILLA REMOTE CONTROLLED PROSTATE MASSAGER is dedicated to HIS pleasure, and is designed to send good vibes directing to his prostate. It’s waterproof and USB rechargeable, features an insertable length of 10.5cm and offers 10 vibration speeds for maximum enjoyment.


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