How to Give a Foot Job

If your lover is into feet, mastering the art of the food job might just be the key to giving them the best sex of their life.

Foot fetishism is one of the most common fetishes, which means you probably already know someone who’d take a second glance – or a sneaky sniff – of your tootsies if given half a chance. Celebrities including Quentin Tarantino, Pharrell Williams, Idris Elba, Tommy Lee and Ludacris have all publicly acknowledged their love of feet, and an increasing number of people are coming out of the shoe closet to celebrate and explore their kink as acceptance of foot-worship continues to become more mainstream.

How To Know if Your Playmate is into Feet

If your lover pays a lot of attention to your feet, offers frequent foot rubs, or looks at and touches your feet during foreplay, they may be keen to explore their foot-focused fantasies. The only way to know for sure, though, is to ask them! Open communication is the key to great sex, and asking your partner questions about what turns them on is the best way to get to the heart – or sole – of the matter. You can do this in a casual way outside of the bedroom, or you can incorporate these kinds of questions into your foreplay and dirty talk.

If They Straight-Up Ask for a Foot Job

If you’re fooling around with your lover and they straight-up ask for a foot job in the heat of the moment, be careful not to yuck their yum – even if it seems to come completely out of the blue and catches you by surprise. We all have our kinks and quirks, and they’re only looking for a good time, so take care not to make them feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. Kink-shaming is not cool!

If it’s not something you’re comfortable with or open to, you can – and should – say no. If, however, you are keen to give it a go, make play your priority while setting your lover’s expectations and letting them know where you’re at. If this is your first rodeo, they won’t expect you to be an expert… and having them guide you through your first foot job can be part of the fun! 

If You’re Preparing for Your First Foot Job

So, you’ve talked about your partner’s love of feet and you’re preparing to give your very first foot job! Here are a few helpful tips to help you feel sexy, confident and ready to give them a toe-curling experience!

  1. Don’t be embarrassed about your feet. For anyone without a foot fetish, it can be hard to imagine finding feet attractive. Just trust your partner loves feet and go with the flow.
  2. Make sure that your toenails are trimmed and filed so there’s no risk of them accidentally catching or cutting the soft (and sensitive!) skin of their genitals.
  3. Give your feet a good scrub and moisturise them with a nice lotion so they’re soft and smell great. You might even like to give them a soak and file them with a pedicure tool to get them extra-smooth.

Foot Job Foreplay

Before you dive right in, tease your lover with some foot-play. This can be a great way to get more comfortable using your feet if you’re a beginner. You can tease with your feet in the same way you tease with your hands and mouth – run them softly over your partner’s body, up to their lips, into their mouth, and down to their crotch. Remember, they’re into feet, so give them as much as you’re both comfortable with. 

Finding the right position can be tricky if you’re completely new to foot play, so try out a couple to see what works for you both. You can drag your feet along your lover’s body while you’re both lying down in bed, or you might find it fun to take a dominant role and sit on a chair or the bed while they lay on the floor.

Using a little massage oil can make your feet glide along their skin more smoothly – and you can incorporate this, as well as the other preparation mentioned above, as part of your foreplay… particularly if your partner is into foot-worship. You could have your partner scrub and dry your feet before giving them a rub with massage oil. You could even have them paint your toe nails, which can be a sensual and intimate way to bond and feel appreciated.

Giving Great Foot

During foreplay, slowly begin to drag your feet down your partner’s body towards their groin. Rub the insides of their thighs with your feet, then slowly and carefully moving one or both of your feet towards your playmate’s genitals.

Studies show the majority of foot fetishists are men, and although it’s less common, some women also like foot jobs.

If your partner has a penis, very slowly and gently start to massage his balls with your feet – applying a tiny amount of pressure and using your toes to ‘tickle’ them. Move your feet slowly towards his penis and continue teasing him, starting gently at the tip and working your way down. Use both of your feet to ‘grab’ his penis between both soles, placing the soles of the feet together makes an opening that looks a lot like a vulva. Masturbate his penis with a simple up and down motion, like you would as if you were giving him a handjob.

If your partner has a vagina, you can use your feet and toes to you rub and tease her vulva and clitoris. Penetration is technically possible, and the big toe is the easiest to insert vaginally. It’s super important that your nails are smooth if you’re trying penetration, and using lube is a good idea, too.

Remember, just like handjobs and blowjobs, footjobs should be taken slowly to start with. Every person is different, so keep asking your partner what’s working. You can even ask them to move your feet for you so you can get an idea of the speed, pressure and grip that works best for them.