20 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day planning got away on you? We’ve got 20 quick and easy date night ideas to help you spice up your evening!

1. Pre-Game with Flirty Texts 

Sexting isn’t just for teens, so get into it! Send your lover a few flirty – or downright dirty – texts today to get their engine revving. Not sure where to start? Tell them which parts of their body you enjoy and why, how much you love it when they [insert your favourite move here], or let them know what you plan on doing to them tonight…

2. Surprise Them with a Picnic

Who says romance is dead?! If you’re short on time and cash, you don’t have to take your date out to a fancy restaurant or cook them an elaborate dinner. A quick dash into the supermarket on your way home is all you need to throw an impromptu picnic. Grab some wine and cheese, a few strawberries and a couple of their other favourite snacks, set everything up on a cosy blanket with a candle and you’re done! You can take this on location to a public park, set it up in your own garden, or even lay everything out on your living room floor for extra cosy vibes. It’s super sweet, and can be thrown together in like 20-minutes, tops.

3. Play Strip-Anything

Staying in this Valentine’s Day? If you both need to be up early for work tomorrow, you can quickly and easily kick your night into gear with a little game of strip… well, anything! If you can play it, you can pretty much strip to it – whether it’s poker, Connect Four or noughts and crosses. The key is to choose a fast-paced game that allows you to disrobe at a good pace. There’s a reason no-one plays strip-Monopoly. Bonus – having fun and laughing together is a great way to get in the mood for some sexy shenanigans!

4. Dessert for Dinner 

Pressed for time? Skip dinner and go straight to dessert! Grab something store-bought, make a simple dessert together at home, or head out to your favourite little date night joint and order the last course only. Not only is eating dessert for dinner decadent and a little naughty – it will ensure you still have plenty of the evening left to enjoy the main event.

5. Treat Them to a Massage

There’s a reason massage is one of the go-to moves of lovers the world over! It’s relaxing, it builds connection, and it allows you to explore each other’s bodies slowly as you build anticipation and arousal. If you haven’t given your S.O. a massage in a while, treat them to one tonight. You can use aromatic massage oil if you already have some on hand, but body lotion or oil-based lubricant will also work in a pinch. Instruct them to strip for a full-body massage, or you could focus solely on their feet (particularly if that’s your thing!) while you both unwind on the couch.

6. Talk About Your Fantasies

Have you been looking for the perfect segue to tell your partner about your fantasy? Maybe you’re curious about knowing more about what they fanaticise about, and how you can act out your fantasies in a safe and supported way? Valentine’s night is the night! After a little romance, when you’re both feeling comfortable and relaxed, lean into that conversation and see what unfolds. Just talking together about your fantasies can be a great way to build a stronger connection… not to mention, it’s incredibly erotic.

7. Spoil Them with a Spa Night

Does your partner love to be pampered? Spoil them (and yourself) with an spa night at home. Grab a few supplies on your way home from work then uncork a bottle of wine, light some candles and pop an ambient playlist on Spotify. One of the great things about a spa night is that it’s relaxing, fun and will put you both in the mood for some chilled-out sexy time afterwards. Not sure what supplies to pick up? Face masks are an easy option, and bath salts can be repurposed for a foot spa if you have a couple of buckets on hand. You can also throw an exfoliating body scrub into the mix, which gives you the opportunity to rub each other from head to toe in a steamy shower.

8. Shop for a New Toy (or Two!) Together

Sex toys are a great way to spice things up, and shopping online together from the comfort of bed can be a great way to explore your fantasies and kinks while having a few giggle and a whole lot of fun! Bonus – just looking at sex toys for couples and imagining how you’ll use them together can be a real turn on, so remember to browse every category, add anything that tickles your fancy straight to cart, and then decide together which toys you’d most like to try on your next date night.

9. Make a Fuck-It List

Want to make THIS your sexiest year yet? Get naked, grab a pen and paper, and make a Fuck-It list with your lover! This list can include everything you’d like to do together over the next 365 days – from new positions to try and roles to play, to locations you’d like to get freaky in and toys you’d like to try out together. When brainstorming, throw EVERYTHING onto your list – no idea is too wild. Once you have everything down, go through the list together and cross anything off that either of you are uncomfortable with, and then make a short list of the top 20, 50, 100 or 300 things you MOST way to try this year. 

10. Get Nostalgic (and Horny)

Looking ahead can be sexy (see above) – but so can looking back! Studies show feelings of shared nostalgia can strengthen relationships, so get turned on while you look back and reminisce about your sexiest moments together. Whether you’ve been together for a week or 20 years, casting your mind back on your favourite sexcapades together can be a lot of fun, highly arousing, and great reminder of how HOT the two of you are together!

11. Plan Your Next Vacay

Most people have more sex when they’re on holiday, so lean into that tonight and start daydreaming about your next trip together! You could talk about the places you want to visit together, do some research and look at photos online, or start a shared Pinterest board for inspiration. You could even BOOK your plane tickets or accommodation, or start a shared holiday fund to start saving for that dream vacation. Just planning a trip away together gives you something to look forward to when the ho-hums begin to set in – and fantasising about the sun, sand and surf will definitely put you in the mood for a little romance.

12. Watch a Steamy Movie Together

Love nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with your S.O. and watching a movie? Do THAT! But instead of heading straight to You List on Netflix, why not pick a sexy movie to watch together? It could be a mainstream film with a few steamy scenes, or you could log into your – or your partner’s – porn platform of choice and watch an adult flick or two together. We humans are highly visual animals, and watching a sexy movie together can be a fun – and highly effective – way to get in the mood.

13. Play with Whipped Cream

Food play can be a major turn on, so grab a can of whipped cream from the supermarket on the way home and get ready to make a mess! Take turns spraying the cream onto – and then licking it off – each other’s bodies. Or tell your lover to show you where they want to be licked by giving them control of the spray can. If you’re planning on combining this activity with a steamy mainstream film (see above) 9 ½ Weeks is the obvious choice!

14. Do a Strip Tease

Surprise and delight your play mate with a sexy and sultry strip tease tonight! This option requires ZERO money and planning, and it’s something EVERYONE with a body and a little music can do. You don’t even need to have that much rhythm, because when it comes to the tease, a little enthusiasm goes a long way! Not sure which track to search on YouTube, Apple Music or Spotify? If you’re a fella, go-to tunes are Pony by Ginuwine, Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, and Hot in Here by Nelly. If you’re a lass, you can’t go wrong with Milkshake by Kelis, Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard, or Kiss by Prince.

15. DIY a Sexy Photo Shoot 

Give them a gift to that keeps on giving this Valentine’s Day with a DIY boudoir photo shoot! Boudoir shots typically feature intimate, sensual, romantic and sometimes erotic images taken in a studio – but there’s no reason you can’t DIY this experience at home while having a whole lot of fun. All you need is the outfits you feel sexiest in – whether that’s lingerie, a naughty costume or your favourite band tee and boxers – and your smartphone. And if you’re nervous about having sexy pics end up in the cloud, you can always pic up a cheap Polaroid-style camera on your way home! Set the mood with romantic (and flattering) candlelight, some music and get snapping. This activity is especially fun if you love to role play… and each of you will get their turn at being the photographer and providing instructions. You’re a tiger, baby! Yeah!

16. Enjoy a Couple’s Bubble Bath

Duh! This last-minute V-Day activity isn’t exactly original, but it’s a cliché because it works, dammit! Arrange a few candles around the tub and filler’up with bubble bath or scented bath salts. Jump in together, get slippery, and let your hands explore each other’s bodies under the water.

17. Read Something Erotic Together

Reading some erotic poetry or a short story together can be a lot of fun. Just like watching a dirty movie, reading something naughty can have the same arousing effect. Find some erotic poetry online, or head to a dedicated site like Literotica.com for a VAST collection of short stories you can peruse together for free. Take turns reading it aloud, and you’ll find your heart rates are racing in no time. 

18. Focus on Foreplay with the Erogenous Zones 

Are you both so busy you usually skip the foreplay and head straight to the main event? Take your TIME tonight, and really focus on foreplay, erotic touch and exploring your erogenous zones. This is a great way to reconnect and rediscover what turns you on. Slow and steady wins the race, so explore those hot zones and communicate which of them really drives you wild.

19. Dip Your Toe into Power Play

Valentine’s Day is the perfect night to explore fantasies with your lover – so if you’ve ever been curious about power play, spanking, BDSM or sensory play, now’s the time to explore it! Talking about your fantasies and kinks can be super erotic, and you can start small – testing the waters while setting your boundaries. Even the simple act of choosing a safe word together can be a huge turn on and increase anticipation for what’s to come.

20. Phone It In

Doing Valentine’s Day long distance? Do it like we did in the days before video chat and have yourselves some good, old-fashioned phone sex! Not being able to see your play mate, but hearing them describe what they’re doing to themselves as their breathing gets heavier and more rapid is super hot. Trust us. If you find yourself lost for words, tell them what you plan on doing to them the next time you see them… or what you want them to do to you.