Become a CAT Expert

If you’re looking for an intimate penetrative position that pretty much guarantees orgasm, it’s time to try the Coital Alignment Technique! While it can take a little practice to get perfect (not necessarily a bad thing!), this position is sexy, stimulating, and doesn’t require any physical acrobatics to achieve.

Count us in! 

What is the Coital Alignment Technique?

The Coital Alignment Technique – or CAT for short – is a modification of missionary position, designed to stimulate the clitoris. Essentially, it’s the act of changing the position the penis (or dildo!) penetrates the vagina, and it’s well-known as one of the few guy-on-top positions in which women are likely to orgasm. It’s a simple tweak on classic missionary, but it works magic!

How to Do the Coital Alignment Technique 

The CAT is missionary with a twist, so start there. The man (or penetrating partner) should position themselves slightly higher/ further up the length of the woman (or person being penetrated)’s body. That means, instead of being chest to chest, the top partner’s chest is nearer to the bottom partner's shoulders.

The penetrated partner should bend their legs about 45 degrees to tilt their hips up, which causes the base of the man (or dildo)’s shaft to maintain constant contact with the clitoris.

Instead of thrusting in and out, the man rocks forward and back. By doing this the penis will be angled slightly downwards, hitting the back wall of the vagina, while the base of the penis rubs against the clitoris. Guys, you can make this position even better by grinding your pelvis in a circular motion, or having your partner grind against you as you rock, which is why this position is also sometimes known as ‘Grinding the Corn’.

It’s best to take it slow rather than doing any jack hammer motions. Tune in to your partner to see what rhythm’s working, get verbal and ask what they like, and stay steady.

Why You’ll Love It

Orgasms aplenty await!

The coital alignment technique offers strong clitoral stimulation, and studies have shown women who are unable to have an orgasm in the missionary position report a 56 – 73% increase in orgasm frequency using CAT.

It’s great for partners who enjoy the closeness and potential for eye contact of the classic missionary. As the woman, or penetrated partner’s, hips will be slightly tilted upwards, she can wrap her legs around her guy, or penetrating partner’s, body for added intimacy.

While the man will only be able to penetrate about an inch or so inside the vagina in this position, there’s still plenty of stimulation.

Variations of the Coital Alignment Technique

You can mix it up by having the woman straighten her legs. In this variation of CAT, the guy brings his pelvis down a few inches while the woman pushes up.