DIY Boudoir Photoshoots

Want to surprise your lover with a scintillating gift for your anniversary? Or wow them at work with a sexy polaroid slipped into their packed lunch? 

Boudoir photos are a celebration of intimate, sensual self-expression through the art of photography. Traditionally taken in a private, intimate setting, boudoir photos often feature the individual in various states of undress or adorned in lingerie, and aim to evoke a sense of empowerment, self-love, and body positivity – allowing individuals to embrace and showcase their inner allure.

A boudoir photoshoot is a delightful way to express your sensuality and create a personalised gift for your partner that will leave them breathless. And the good news is;  you really don’t need a professional photographer to capture some alluring images! A camera and some creativity are all that’s required. 

Digital vs Polaroid

First things first – decide which kind of camera you want to use. Digital cameras are great because you can take 700 snaps (without overthinking how you look in every shot) and then pick out the best ones. Polaroids are great if you want instant prints at home, no digital footprint, and you love a nostalgic grainy vibe. Which camera you choose comes down to personal preference, and how you want the end pics to look: polished and high resolution, or a little more grainy and moody. 

Tools of the Trade

To capture your sultry poses without assistance, use a tripod or set your camera's self-timer feature. This allows you to maintain control over the photoshoot and experiment with various poses and expressions.

Lux Lighting

Experiment with lighting to achieve a soft and flattering glow. Natural light is your best friend, so position yourself near windows or use sheer curtains to diffuse sunlight. For a touch of drama, play with candles or fairy lights to create a dreamy atmosphere.

The Scene

Create a seductive backdrop by selecting a location that sets the mood. Whether it's your bedroom, a cosy nook, or a luxurious space, consider adding elements like soft lighting, plush blankets, and sensual props (champagne, handcuffs or maybe even a naughty toy or two) to enhance the ambiance.

Your Attire

Dive into your lingerie collection and choose outfits that make you feel confident and sexy. From lacy lingerie sets to cosy sweaters or vintage band tees, mix and match to find the perfect ensembles that showcase your personality and style.

Hair and Makeup

Enhance your natural beauty with a touch of DIY hair and makeup. Experiment with different looks to find what makes you feel glamorous and confident. Whether it's a bold red lip or tousled waves, let your personality shine through.

Know Your Angles

Strike poses that accentuate your favourite features and make you feel fabulous. Experiment with angles to find what flatters your body most. Don't be afraid to get creative—try playful expressions, over-the-shoulder glances, or even candid moments to capture your authentic self.

Have FUN

The key to taking great photos is to have fun, so get lose, get silly, and snap as many photos as you like until. Setting your camera to take a self-timed succession of 10 pics all at once can be a great way to cut down set-up time and help you get comfortable. Remember, every photoshoot results in more duds than keepers, so take more photos than you think need because you can always edit out the clunkers when you’re done.

Get Frisky

If you get comfortable enough in front of the camera that you feel good about taking some more risqué shots, go for gold! This is YOUR photoshoot, after all! Including some more erotic and X-rated options can be thrilling – whether that means going nude or getting lewd while caring down the barrel of your lens.

Thoughtful Presentation

Once you've taken you snaps, selected your favourite shots and done any necessary editing, consider presenting them in a thoughtful way for your partner. Create a digital album, a printed photo book, or even a slideshow to add an extra layer of surprise and delight.

Remember, the essence of a DIY boudoir photoshoot lies in expressing your individuality and embracing your playful spirit. Gather your props, strike a pose, and unleash your inner chanteuse.