Embrace Red this Valentine’s Day

The colour red has long been associated with Valentine’s Day – but it’s not all about cartoon hearts and Cupid’s bow. If you’re keen to spice things up with your lover this V-Day, there may be a very good reason to embrace this fiery hue… and it all comes down to the sexiest organ in your body.

No, babe, not that one.

We’re talking about your BRAIN. Your brain is the powerhouse of your sex drive and responsible for every naughty thought you have – sending signals to those other all-important organs to cause excitement and arousal. The brain kicks things into gear, and – as it turns out – it loooves the colour red.

According to colour psychology, red affects us physically – sending our pulses racing and creating feelings of excitement and energy. It’s this psychological and physical response to red that has seen the colour become closely associated with passion, desire, lust and sexuality. 

So why are our brains and bodies so turned on by the colour red? Scientists have theorised that it may have a little something to do with the tendency of human (and even our primate cousin’s) reproductive organs blushing darker hues when engorged and during arousal, and even during ovulation. Over centuries of evolution, our brains have been hardwired to recognise red as a symbol of sexual readiness. In fact, a number of recent studies have shown that people wearing red are consistently rated as more attractive by the opposite sex.

Long story short, red has come to signify romance and love… but it is also highly symbolic of passion, desire, lust and sexuality. Perhaps that’s why horny little devils are always depicted as red?

Ready to have a toe-curlingly good Feb 14? Here are our TOP 10 PICKS for RED VALENTINE’S DAY GIFTS!


Give red lingerie as a gift to your lady-love, or buy some for yourself and BECOME the gift this V-Day! We love this Lace Garter 3 Piece Set in Burgundy, this Strappy Bodysuit With Open Cup Bra and this Lace Chemise Set With Garter (both by Baci).


Live your Moulin Rouge fantasy this Valentine’s Day and put on a naughty strip tease show for your lover. A pair of flirty red nipple tassels are the perfect accessory, and are available in a range of styles. Check out our sparkly and sequinned Sinful Naughty Love Heart Nipple Tassels, our Pink and Red Glitter Nipple Tassels, or our Red Lace Rose Nipple Tassels for inspiration. 


Want to indulge in a little power play this February 14? If you’re new to bondage but keen to try your hand at restraint dynamics, our Red Sinful Bondage Tape (15m) and/or Sinful Tie-Me Red Bondage Rope (10m) are just the ticket. Our Bondage Tape is especially great for beginners, as it sticks only to itself and not the skin – meaning no sticky residue or risk of ripped hair.


Anal play is for everyone! And just because it’s considered a little ‘naughty’ doesn’t mean it’s off-limits for the most romantic day of the year. Whether you’re shopping for a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband, if they’re into butt stuff they’ll appreciate receiving a very special toy this Valentine’s Day. Our Sinful Silicone Anal Tri-Ball Beaded Butt Plug is graduated and perfect for beginners, while our Silicone Diamante Butt Plug in red is available in three sizes and a great option for men and women of all experience levels. Both are made from silky-smooth silicone for exquisite sensation.


Are you and your partner (or play-thing) ready to step up your game when it comes to BSDM? You’ll love our Sinful Bondage Embossed 6 Piece Kit, which includes a ball gag, handcuffs, ankle cuffs, mask, whip, and a collar with lead – all in raunchy red. Whether you’re the Submissive or Dom in your duo, this is a great gift to arouse your lover’s desire this V-Day.


If you’re shopping for someone with a clitoris, take note! Clitoral stimulation is WHERE IT’S AT, so if you want to give them the best Valentine’s Day ever, super-size their orgasm with the Satisfyer Vibes Power Flower or our Silicone Flower Shape Vibrator With Tongue. Both of these oh-so satisfying multi-speed vibes are rechargeable and can be enjoyed solo or with a partner (or on-looker).


Embrace your animal instincts with our light-weight and comfortable Red Silicone Bone Shape Gag. Perfect for power-play newbies, as well as couples who like to approach their sex lives with a healthy sense of humour. Bow-WOW.


Is sensory play your partner’s favourite kink? Perhaps they’ve always dreamed of keeping YOU tied up and blindfolded while they tease their way down your body…? Either way, you’re in for a steamy night! Gift them a luxurious Sinful Red Mask Blindfold or Sinful Red Silk Mask Blindfold. They pair perfectly with our Red Bondage Tape or Rope (above), and our Sinful Feather Tickler (below) if you want to create your own custom gift box.


Also perfect for sensory play – and adding a little tease to your Valentine’s Day massage – this Sinful Feather Tickler in Burgundy is super soft and luxurious. Use it on every inch of their skin to heighten their senses and anticipation, or invite them to use it on you…


If you’re buying a gift for a traditionalist who loves the romance associated with Valentine’s Day, add a Trail Of Roses Rose Petals to your cart and transport your lover to a place of romantic pleasure… or at the very least, use those rose petals to set the mood and lead them to the bedroom, where the main event of the night will await them. Ie: YOU, scantily-clad with blindfolds, bone gags, butt plugs and vibes in hand!


Happy shopping!