For Her Pleasure: Shallowing

Forget balls-deep penetration. In 2024, a new sexperience is trending – and it’s all about the pleasure that can be found at the shallow end of the sexual spectrum. Whether you're looking to enhance your partnered sexcapades with a different kind of play or you want to heighten your own solo sensations, shallowing a sensational technique you’ll both want to master this year.

What is Shallowing?

Shallowing is what you probably suspect it is: a shallow penetration technique, focusing on the opening of the vagina and the few centimetres inside of it.

With shallowing, the tip of a penis, fingers, a sex toy or the tongue is used to stimulate the vaginal entrance. It’s something you’ve probably done before during foreplay without even realising it has a name – and sexperts suggest it’s worth doing more of for mind-blowing orgasms.

Why Does Shallowing Feel So Good?

Did you know around 90 percent of the vagina's nerve endings are at its opening? This often looked-over erogenous zone can actually provide more pleasure than you might think – and shallowing is all about activating those nerve endings to result in heightened sensation and enjoyment.

Some research even suggests that this technique may provide women with longer and stronger orgasms, due to intentional and thoughtful penetration targeting the most sensitive area of the vagina. Yes, please!

Another reason people with vaginas are loving shallowing right now is that – as well as teasing a previously over-looked erogenous zone – it also fuels anticipation. When shallowing with a playmate, that person’s finger, tongue, penis or toy is inside the penetrated partner, but not FULLY inside them – making the person being penetrated eager for more, while enhancing the overall sexual experience.

How to Try Shallowing

Ready to explore shallowing for yourself? Here are our top five TIPS (geddit?) to ensure your shallowing experience results in DEEPLY pleasurable sensations.

  1. Start with a feather light touch. Tease yourself, or your partner, and allow the level of stimulation to build slowly. Speaking of…
  2. Go SLOW. Take your time and focus on gentle, sensual movements. Shallowing is not a race – but it will yield toe-curling results when you cross the finish line.
  3. Get wet and use lube. Because shallowing focuses on the entrance of the vagina, it’s important to make sure the vagina is well lubricated. Get those natural juices flowing with oral sex, or use plenty of your favourite lube to get a head-start.
  4. Don’t forget the clitoris! Just because you’re exploring shallowing, doesn’t mean you have to ignore your other hot-spots altogether. Stroking, kissing or stimulating the clit with a toy during shallowing can be a game-changer.
  5. Roll with what feels good. If you get so turned on during shallowing that you slide into deeper penetration before orgasm, that’s okay! It’s not about perfecting a new trending technique. The point is to have fun, and discover what feels good to you.