Gifts for Girls this Galentine’s Day

Forget Valentine’s Day – Galentine’s Day is almost here ladies! And we’ve got LOADS of goodies your girlfriends will love. Here’s the skinny on the holiday, and our top picks to treat your favourite gal pals to this year.

GALentine’s Day?

Celebrated on February 13th, or Valentine’s Day Eve, Galentine’s Day is a global celebration of female friendship.

While it may have started on the cult TV show Parks and Rec among Leslie Knope and her ladyfriends, the pseudo-holiday has caught on around the world as a way to celebrate girlpower, female friendship, and don’t need no man to have a good time(if you know what we mean, wink wink) empowerment.

As Leslie Knope puts it in the show;

“Every February 13, my ladyfriends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.” 

How to Celebrate It

If you want to go traditional (or as traditional as you can get for a 10-year-old made-for-tv holiday) you’ll definitely want to do brunch. But really, any all-girl date will do. Round up your best babes and head to a café, a bar, a swanky restaurant, or a club. Or nominate a gal pal and have a boozy all-day potluck at her place. Whatever your plans, the whole point is: no boys allowed.

Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Sure, you could give your BFFs stock-standard gifts like flowers, chocolates, scented candles and bubble bath… but that’s for basic bitches, right? If you really want to show them how much you care, give them a naughty gift they’ll never forget. Here are our Top 15 picks, by price.

Under $50

$50 - $100



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