Top Drawer Must-Have: Sinful Lubricant

Ready to slide into new realms of pleasure? If you want to level up your sexual experience, there’s ONE top drawer must have that’s a no-brainer; whether you’re a person with a penis or a person with a vagina, single or coupled (or throupled!), monogamous or polyamorous. 

Dildos and anal beads and clit suckers (oh my!) are great. But a high-quality, long-lasting and luxury lubricant? THAT is the key to GREAT sex!

And because we want all saints and sinners to have access to gorgeously sensual and non-sticky lube – that won’t cost you your left nut – Sinful has released our very own luxury lubricant: scientifically developed to make every rendezvous sensual, luxurious and friction-free!

Why Sinful Lubricant?

Made from the finest natural ingredients and 100% organic, Sinful Lubricant combines hydrating Aloe Vera Powder, stimulating Ginseng Extract and New Zealand native Harakeke Extract – making it perfect for sensitive skin. It’s also body-safe and entirely toxin-free for your peace of mind, and offers a silky and non-sticky feel you and your playmates will adore. 

Sinful Lubricant is water-based and compatible with all condoms and toys. Available in 150ml and 500ml bottles, with premium quality pump dispensers for maximum enjoyment.

Whether you’re indulging your senses solo or playing with a friend, Sinful Lubricant promises decreased friction and increased stimulation, and is a luxury, go-to solution for all your personal lubrication needs.

Why Waterbased?

Water-based lubricants are the unsung heroes of the intimate play realm, offering a plethora of benefits that set them apart from their oil and silicone-based counterparts.

Firstly, water-based lubes are incredibly versatile, seamlessly compatible with all types of sex toys and condoms. Their water-soluble nature ensures easy clean-up, leaving no sticky residue behind. Unlike oil-based lubes, water-based options are gentle on the skin and won't degrade latex, making them a safer choice for those engaging in safer sex practices. 

Last, but not least, water-based lubricants tend to have a lighter, more natural feel, allowing for a smoother glide without the risk of staining fabrics. While silicone-based lubes boast longevity, water-based alternatives stand out as the go-to option for a hassle-free, pleasurable experience that prioritises comfort, compatibility, and easy clean-up.

Why Lube?

If you’ve never invested in lube before, get ready to slip-and-slide into a whole new world of pleasure! Using lubricant during sex and foreplay is like adding a touch of magic to your intimate escapades. Beyond the obvious benefit of reducing friction and discomfort, lube can be a game-changer in enhancing pleasure for all parties involved – transforming the experience into a smoother, more luxurious journey, and making every touch and movement a symphony of sensation.

Whether you're exploring new realms of intimacy, engaging in playful foreplay, or simply aiming for a more comfortable encounter, lubricant is the unsung hero that elevates the entire experience. It's the secret sauce that ensures a seamless glide through the pleasure landscape, turning an already enjoyable encounter into an unforgettable adventure.

What are you waiting for? Shop Sinful’s own organic, luxury Lubricant now!