Silicone BenWa Ball Set | Purple
Silicone BenWa Ball Set | Purple
Silicone BenWa Ball Set | Purple
Silicone BenWa Ball Set | Purple

Silicone BenWa Ball Set | Purple

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Looking For Something A Little Less Naughty...

This Silicone BenWa Ball Set of three Kegel Balls which progressively increase in size and weight to promote healthy holistic vaginal kegel training.

Made from durable yet smooth silicone, each ball in this kegel set easily slips into the vagina and sits snugly inside. When movement occurs, this trainer gets to work and starts strengthening the vaginal muscles.

Weighing 40g55g and 65g, this trainer is great for beginners as a fast track tool to strengthened sexual health and is just as good for enthusiasts to maintain previous training. Each weight can be used in a variety of situations depending on your preference and comfort to keep your sexuality in tip-top shape.

Kegel training is important to healthy sexuality with benefits ranging from intensified orgasms to urinary incontinence strengthening. This means you have a happier and more exciting sex life.

Purple Color Silicone BenWa Ball Set

Material: Silicone
Color: Purple

Biggest Ball Length: 16.2 CM ( 6.38'' )
Medium Ball Length: 15.5 CM ( 6.10'' )
Smallest Ball Length: 12 CM ( 4.73'' )

Biggest Ball Weight: 65g
Medium Ball Weight: 55g
Smallest Ball Weight: 40g

Biggest Ball Diameter: 3 CM
Medium Ball Diameter: 2.9 CM
Smallest Ball Diameter: 3.5 CM

Packaging: Aluminium foil bag + Extra Card Board Box