Satisfyer Anal Beads 8.1 Inch
Satisfyer Anal Beads 8.1 Inch
Satisfyer Anal Beads 8.1 Inch
Satisfyer Anal Beads 8.1 Inch

Satisfyer Anal Beads 8.1 Inch

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Looking For Something A Little Less Naughty...
Bead up your love life and dive into a world of sensual anal adventures with the Satisfyer Beads. Whether you use them for steamy solo sessions or want to introduce them to your love life as a couple: you can’t go wrong with these seductive joy bringers. They come in a sensual set of two and want to make you and your back passage happy.

Thanks to their ascending shape and rounded tips, these five-piece bead chains are ideal for newcomers to anal training and those who wish to explore anal pleasures.

The smallest element of the pink chain is 2 cm in diameter, while the largest is 3.4 cm. In the diamond-shaped chain, the diameters range from 2.1 to 3.7 cm. Experience the tingling excitement as you pull the chain out bead by bead, stimulating your back passage in an arousing way.

Thanks to the practical strap, you can indulge in carefree sensual adventures. With a delicate surface in skin-friendly super-soft silicone, flatter your back passage for a particularly friction-free in-and-out experience. Whether you opt for the classic ball shape or dare to try out the pyramid-shaped structure in high-quality diamond look is entirely up to you

Product Features

  • Ascending shape
  • Very flexible. Secure strap
  • Ideal for beginners and anal training
  • Two sensual structures
  • Super-soft medical grade silicone
  • Support rings on each bead set
  • Use water-based lubricants
  • Length: 20cm (8.07 Inches)
  • Ball Girth: Small - 6.2cm (2.47 Inches), Large - 10.6cm (4.2 Inches)
  • Diamond Girth: Small 6.6cm (2.6 Inches), Large - 11.6cm (4.57) Inches


"As with all satisfyer silicone toys, these felt so soft and smooth. I wanted to play with them straight away. The quality is second to none. Love them!"

What do I do with anal beads?

The whole purpose of anal beads is to heighten your pleasure during masturbation or sex. The key difference between anal beads and a butt plug is that the joy of beads is in the removal and insertion of the beads. A butt plug is designed to stay in, anal beads will give you a great new sensation when they move in or out of your booty. The movement of the beads is an incredible stimulant of the super sensitive nerve endings of your sphincter which is a circular muscle. It's like an internal massage and you're in control.

Anal beads are wonderfully versatile and accessible toys. You can use them as a beginner or a pro and you can use them at any stage of your sexual adventure - alone, in a couple, or a group.