Sinful Lubricant 500ml
Sinful Lubricant 500ml

Sinful Lubricant 500ml

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Looking For Something A Little Less Naughty...

Ready to slide into new realms of pleasure?

Sinful Lubricant is scientifically developed to make every rendezvous sensual, luxurious and friction-free!

Made from the finest natural ingredients and 100% organic, Sinful Lubricant combines hydrating Aloe Vera Powder, stimulating Ginseng Extract and New Zealand native Harakeke Extract – making it perfect for sensitive skin. It’s also body-safe and entirely toxin-free for your peace of mind, and offers a silky and non-sticky feel you and your playmates will adore. 

Sinful Lubricant is water-based and compatible with all condoms and toys. Available in 150ml and 500ml bottles, with premium quality pump dispensers for maximum enjoyment.

Whether you’re indulging your senses solo or playing with a friend, Sinful Lubricant promises decreased friction and increased stimulation, and is a luxury, go-to solution for all your personal lubrication needs.